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WELCOME TO 2021!! Here is the first weekly energy report for the new year!

This is a time of intense mental activity and your communications should have a deep and profound quality. This is a great week for research or solving mysteries. You may feel mentally active and all ideas flow quickly to you. You may be tested for the clarity of your thinking and forced to prove your intentions. There is potential for conflicts and it is a good time to listen to others to be able to reconcile. Make sure to question peoples' intentions and do not assume. Remember to have regard for other people's feelings when you speak to them.

Opportunity is ripe at this time in your life, any projects or activities you start now should be successful unless there are some factors in your life that may be negative. Any business negotiations or deals should work out very well and to your advantage. Jupiter is a lucky planet, so this will allow you to have a sense of optimism that will breed success in your life. Your physical energy is also very high, and your health should be good. Try to expand your horizons and learn new things as it will greatly benefit your personal growth. Be careful not to overextend yourself because Jupiter energy may make you feel like you can achieve and do more than you think, and this is true in some ways, but if you stretch yourself too far then you may end up with an energy or health problems.


Venus is entering Capricorn and normally this placement adds a great deal of seriousness and you may feel more responsibility in your personal relationships perhaps even feeling as it is a burden. You will be more restraining and reserved in displaying your emotional side which may help if you are feeling very heavy dealing with significant others. Be careful not to bury your emotions too deep otherwise they may come out impulsively in a negative or angry way.

Most often you will have some good things come to you in your business life that may involve attracting persons to aid in your current projects. However, Venus will only attract what you put out so be sure to try and maintain a positive attitude to those around you. You will have a better than usual relationship with superiors and authority figures. You may end up working in some artistic projects and this could benefit you and your creative side. Love relationships will be mainly concerned with teachers or guides that can help you succeed in your life as posed to satisfying personal desires.


Mercury arrives in Aquarius and situations become more impersonal, truth-loving, and your mind is capable of transcending the mundane thought patterns. It is a good time to process any feelings or any problems that have occurred recently. This position of Mercury strengthens the intellect, gives a good memory and a strong comprehensive mind capable of much hard work. Intuitive insights and original reasoning ability. Its a good time to try to comprehend issues that are quite incomprehensible.

Your mind is open to any new experiences; subjects such as metaphysics, occultism, astrology, technology and science topics will have more appeal. You enjoy the mental stimulation of friendships and function best within a group environment.

Don't forget to go to the Blog section of Coven 88 to read the energy themes for the full year of 2021! Click the image below:

* Report compiled by Crystal via AstroMatrix.

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