Dive Deep or Escape?

Venus energy may have you feeling as though you want to seek out fun and excitement and not want to do any work. You need to be as disciplined as possible with your work. Watch out for compulsive behavior. Find time to hang with those who vibrate at your level and enjoy this time. If you are resistant to getting into work mode be patient because this will change. Take things easy and seek out pleasure and harmony while avoiding conflict. If you are feeling self-indulgent avoid anything with too much effort or spending too much on impulsive purchases. Sit tight and enjoy it as this will change. Mars in Taurus has some of us feeling a bit lazy while at the same time Mars met up with Uranus to bring focus into financial changes, work changes, routine changes, etc.

There is polarity here where your ambitions are strong and you will want to achieve your goals. You will be clear and objective about making longer term goals and figure out what you need to change in your life to achieve them. There is a great deal of power in your life and you must be careful not to misuse it or it will backfire in the future. Understand what your motivations are so you can make a creative transformation via new understanding that will lead to growth and maturity. Do not be selfish with your power.


There is a certain amount of tension around and you may get into an argument. This may be coming from your subconscious so be aware of your moods and reactions towards others. Try to be diplomatic as others may sense hostility from you. If you are prone to addictions be mindful and cautious of your activities and people around you. Tendencies towards sudden impulses are high to maintain discipline.

We are also in Pisces, dreamy and energy of illusions. Watch your thoughts so that your energy is not being put towards manifestations that will not happen.