At this time you need to communicate with others anything that is important to you. Your mind may feel clearer this week so you should be able to get your point across. Your mind is quick and receptive this week so it is a good time for studying and learning in general. You may feel restrained about expressing your emotions which may cause issues in relationships. You could be indifferent, bordering on insensitive, which makes it harder to connect with other people. Do not make any rash decisions.

However, your sexual energy may be stimulated and you may feel more creative. It is a good time to follow your desires. You will find gratification if your relationship is going well. Frustration may occur if you cannot express this energy which can feel overwhelming and may cause conflicts. Be as creative as possible so you can find an outlet for this intense energy. This is not a good time to begin a new relationship if you want it to last. If already in a relationship, you will want to spark up your love with new and interesting experiences, even if it means you may be quite demanding. Try not to be too impatient but get your feelings out in the open otherwise friction may develop later. It is a test of your flexibility and you will need to reach a compromise. You will be interested in new experiences but avoid being too impulsive.


I have been stating we are in the "Age of Aquarius" and this new moon definitely has something special about it. On Feb 11 the New Moon joins several other planets in this free thinking sign and idealism will be running high. This is a friendly New Moon as it has very few difficult aspects.