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Connect with your Higher Consciousness, and receive Quantum Healing

No one knows more about you, or how to heal you, than YOU! Speak to the part of your consciousness that many call the Oversoul, Christ Consciousness, or your Highest Self, in a way that cannot be done in normal waking hours. 

Now, more than EVER, YOU NEED to be listening to your own SOUL!


Don't lose your way in the chaos surrounding you.

If you don't know your role on this Earth, your  SOUL MISSION, the reason you entered your body, then it is TIME you do!


Distraction is left, right, upside-down, and sideways.




I'm offering you help.

NOT a reading. NOT info through my abilities or perspective.


I am offering you a way for you to physically HEAR YOU, your Highest Consciousness.


Benefits to YOU of Quantum Trance by Crystal, or #QTbyC:


Deep relaxation


Access to Higher Consciousness


Break from body aches/pains


Reduce Stress


Restore physical, mental, and emotional wellness as appropriate


Limiting beliefs are challenged and info that can better serve you can be revealed.


Flow state can allow a jump in learning.


Better focus


New perspectives


Improve mindfulness


Understand all your dimensions


Heightened creativity


Increase manifestation power

Reviews of Quantum Trance #QTbyC

"Quantum hypnosis by crystal was one of the strangest things I have ever experienced. During my Session we were speaking with my highest self. My highest self-confirmed that she goes by a name other than the name I use in the current life. I was not only given guidance as to my soul purpose, but I was also given plenty of reassurance. My very 1st session with Crystal, we found that my inner child had been locked away for the majority of my life due to trauma as a small child. My session truly began at finding the cage that I had put her in to protect her and figuring out how to release her. My whole life I have been drawn to old school skeleton keys. I keep one around my neck. We found the meaning of key and its connection to my soul purpose. When I came out of hypnosis, I was full of tears and questions. Crystal had collected the answers for me. I highly recommend if you are searching for your soul purpose or guidance as to what your next moves need to be, you give crystal the opportunity to assist you in communication with your higher self. You also get guidance on healing past and current trauma. I have honestly recommended quantum hypnosis by crystal to several people and plan on further sessions in the future." K.F.

"I had my first quantum hypnosis experience with Crystal. I didn't think I'd have any luck relaxing but she did a great job. She made me feel so comfortable and what I thought was 10 minutes was over an hour. It helped validate and acknowledge many things I know to be true, but not willing to openly express & admit. It took a big weight off my shoulders which was very healing as well as empowering. Since the session, I have been a lot more relaxed and overall happier within. Thank you, Crystal, ♡" B.K.


* Activate past life memories

* Access parts of your mind that you have not been aware of

* Bypass the ego mind and be open to more complex information

* Be in a neutral point of view and not react on emotion

* Be receptive to your unconscious mind, and have active imagination

* Access your psychic abilities

If You are answering YES to these questions, it is time for Quantum Trance!!