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First let’s discuss what is an Empath- an empath is someone who FEELS. You feel energies. That may be other’s emotions because emotions are energy, energy of the earth, animals, energies of other planets, electronics, energies of spirits and other Beings. Some empaths feel ALL of these things, others may only feel certain things.

Feelings all the feels can often lead you to feel GUILT. You find it hard to set boundaries with toxic people because you feel what they are not saying. You feel the pain behind why they behave the way they do. You end up taking on and absorbing what they project outward because they are not doing their own inner work. Many empaths are not aware of how much they take on from other people.

What is empath overload?

Empath overload happens from taking on too much energy from others. If you are around conflict, this can stress you. When you take in all these external energies is stresses your adrenal glands. You will also feel a lot of anxiety because the energy you are absorbing is not your own. It is not a vibrational match to your true self, so you feel the discomfort. The empath overload you are feeling can lead to stress related disorders such as high blood pressure, chronic anxiety, panic attacks, chronic fatigue, and even fibromyalgia.

What can you do to help this once you have it?

You have to take time everyday to do practices to center and calm yourself and ground yourself. Here are a few ways you can take control of your own energy:

1. BREATHE- Breathing techniques are great at bringing the focus back to you, back inside your body. It can lower your pulse if your blood pressure is rising. I do 3-6-9 breathing: inhale count of 3, hold count of 6, exhale count of 9

2. AFFIRMATIONS – Saying affirmations can help retrain your mind to not spin out in anxiety. I like to use this, “I CALL ALL MY ENERGY BACK TO MYSELF” so that my energy stays with me, and I am less likely to absorb everyone else. You can also say things such as “I AM NOT ACCEPTING ENERGY OUTSIDE OF ME”, “THIS IS NOT MINE”

3. SHIELD- This is an energy technique done by visualization. You are using your imagination here but what you imagine does happen on the energy side, or Spirit side. Visualize a bubble around you of bright white light. As the bubble expands out from you it pushes out all energy and projections that are not aligned with you or belong with you. Push out all the negativity and crap. It may take some practice, but you will begin to feel the difference. You can play with making all sorts of things around you adding different elements to work for you.

4. NATURE- EMPATHS NEED NATURE!!! You would be surprised how just sitting outside 20mins a day can help you. Natural water sources like ocean, lakes, and rivers are your best friend. They cleanse your aura. When it is too cold to spend a lot of time outside get in a bath! Salt baths are also your best friend and can help heal many ailments especially if you use essential oils. If you cannot get in a bath, use the shower. You can bring healing light into your shower water, use reiki, you can sage in bath/shower. There is really no limit so use your creativity. The whole point is to make you feel good!

5. BE HONEST- This is hard for many empaths because you don’t want to hurt people’s feelings. However, this is how you set healthy boundaries which are FUCKING MANDATORY to you own well-being!!! If someone is talking to you a lot and it is draining you, tell them you have to go. If they live with you, tell them that you cannot continue this conversation right now. IT IS NEVER A BAD TIME FOR YOU TO TAKE YOU TIME. The only people who will be mad at you setting boundaries for yourself are the people who are toxic. If they do not respect what you NEED FOR YOUR OWN SANITY, then they are not aligned with you.

6. LEARN TO DETACH- You will have friends/family in your life that remain in a toxic/victim mentality. You will never be able to do enough for them, their needs. You will notice when you leave them you feel better. The minute you are around them again, you drop. You may even feel it before you see them, like your gut drops when you know you are going to see them again. You have to learn to detach and cut relationships that are not healthy for you. This is a vital step in your evolution as an empath and keeping your sanity. More than that, it is vital for you to be able to THRIVE. If someone is making you ill to stay in contact with them then it is time to cut the cord.

If you take these 6 steps seriously and apply them to your daily life, I promise you will see a difference with your own energy, which will create a difference in your entire life. Many of us have been taught that we must always please other people, especially elders. This is not true and in fact leads to many toxic, one-sided relationships. IT IS NOT SELFISH TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! You must be your number one priority. Just as the saying goes, “you cannot pour from an empty cup”. This is a popular saying because it is true. No one else is going to take care of you. As an empath you deal with things that not every other person deals with or even understands so it is important that you do what you need to do for you.

About Crystal

Crystal is the Priestess and Creator of Coven 88, Quantum Hypnosis Specialist, Reiki Master, Shamanic Witch, Ordained Minister, and an EMPATH. She struggled for years to get her gift as an Empath under control, and to not be overwhelmed constantly by outside energies. If you would like to work with Crystal click her image.

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