First let’s discuss what is an Empath- an empath is someone who FEELS. You feel energies. That may be other’s emotions because emotions are energy, energy of the earth, animals, energies of other planets, electronics, energies of spirits and other Beings. Some empaths feel ALL of these things, others may only feel certain things.

Feelings all the feels can often lead you to feel GUILT. You find it hard to set boundaries with toxic people because you feel what they are not saying. You feel the pain behind why they behave the way they do. You end up taking on and absorbing what they project outward because they are not doing their own inner work. Many empaths are not aware of how much they take on from other people.

What is empath overload?

Empath overload happens from taking on too much energy from others. If you are around conflict, this can stress you. When you take in all these external energies is stresses your adrenal glands. You will also feel a lot of anxiety because the energy you are absorbing is not your own. It is not a vibrational match to your true self, so you feel the discomfort. The empath overload you are feeling can lead to stress related disorders such as high blood pressure, chronic anxiety, panic attacks, chronic fatigue, and even fibromyalgia.