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Winter Solstice - The Grand Conjunction

Merry Christmas, Merry Yule, Happy Solstice, Happy Holiday! There is a lot going on, again, so let's dive right in!


Right before the Solstice, on December 20th, 2020, Mercury, planet of communication moves into the structured and business-minded sign of Capricorn. These next few weeks can signify a time in which we are thinking seriously about our goals for the future, our aims and dreams for 2021. We’ll want to be getting these ideas down in an organized, focused way. It’s not enough to just dream – we have to ground our dreams into reality, and Capricorn is all about reality. So, despite it being the festive season, our minds are churning and thinking, and we are inclined to come off as more serious than usual.

All conversations during this time can be rather brusque and professional, even those amongst our family members. We are not satisfied with light and superficial conversions, but instead, would prefer to dig deep and get real with each other. On the bright side, Capricorn does have a fairly dark sense of hour and can be dry and rather witty! We can all tap into this, and perhaps the jokes about the drama of 2020 will be flying around even more than usual, taking on a slightly macabre air.

As he travels this earth sign, he connects to Chiron, the wounded healer, via a harsh square. This may bring up memories of trauma and difficulties, and it’s important for us not to get lost in them, but to rather find someone we can talk to and unburden ourselves. We can bring a great deal of healing to our lives if we are aware of the patterns playing out in our minds and speech.

Mercury then trines rebellious and innovate Uranus, right on Christmas, which may have us blurting out things at the dinner table that we really shouldn’t. But, at the end of the day, this serves to clear the air, make us laugh and help to change some of our more outdated ideas about things. Yes, we may seem shocking – or someone else will – but this invite liberation from old habits! Be prepared for exciting news around this time, perhaps around work and our careers.

As 2021 starts, Mercury gently sextiles Neptune, reflecting a very intuitive, inward period, a time to ask for – and give – forgiveness. This is a wonderful time to take your goals and get creative with them, bringing in a little bit of magic to all the practicality. Finally, just before Mercury leaves Capricorn and enters innovative and progressive Aquarius, he joins intense Pluto. This may be a period that we enter into a power struggle with another, whether at work or in our relationships. It’s tempting to get into an obsessive spiral, to think that everyone is out to get us.

However, using this energy in the right way, we might transform our way of thinking about our wounds from the past that need to be seen in order to heal. Pluto signifies the shadows in our minds, and we need to be brave enough to face those mind-monsters. We will soon see that what we feared was not so bad as we thought.


With the Sun now in Capricorn we are motivated by feelings of responsibility, ambition, and respect for law and order. It coincides with the winter Solstice. This year will be extra special because it will be followed the next day by a full moon known as the Cold Moon, and you might be able to see a meteor shower to boot.

Ancient peoples whose survival depended on a precise knowledge of seasonal cycles marked this first day of winter with elaborate ceremonies and celebrations. Spiritually, these celebrations symbolize the opportunity for renewal, a casting off of old habits and negative feelings and an embracing of hope amid darkness as the days once again begin to grow longer.

Capricorn derives much satisfaction in completion and accomplishment. Standards, structures, and an appreciation for order are Capricorn themes. Capricorn wants tangible results, knows what is feasible and what is not, and is most comfortable working within an established framework and known boundaries or limits. Working towards a long-term goal is most satisfying with this influence. The drive for material status keeps your emotional life to a lower plane. You may give the impression of being cold and reserved, but usually your delightful dry sense of humor makes social contact easy.


The great conjunction of the iconic year of 2020 occurs just after the time of the new Winter Solstice Season. Also, the day that initiates Capricorn season. On December 17th, Saturn moves into the air sign of Aquarius, then on December 19th Jupiter follows behind. Finally, on December 21, 2020, these two giants conjoin at 0° in Aquarius. These two meet up every 20 years to initiate a new cycle, however, this year they meet up in the Air element. Saturn and Jupiter will conjoin free of the materialistic density of the past 200 years in the Earth element.

Now, a swift new energy of conjunctions occurring in the element of Air is being initiated, echoing the heightened intensity of this occurrence. Due to their extreme closeness, Jupiter and Saturn will occupy the same position at the ecliptic, causing them to appear as one. A coalescence occurs in the area that they meet, and their combined display in the sky is as a stunning single star. This last occurred 397 years ago, but not in Aquarius until the 1400’s when the Renaissance era emerged.

In the same fashion, the new era that we are entering will be a time when the creative self is emphasized. In Aquarius, it may manifest in the form of advanced technological creativity. This Great conjunction heralds a journey of self-mastery that ultimately enables us to contribute to everyone in a form of positive support. A time of creating connections with others on common ground. Aquarius is an individualist. A highly independent sign that is also fundamentally concerned about society at large. The maverick energy of the water bearer encourages freedom in the expression of self, no matter how unconventional that may be. Equalitarian at the core, this is a sign that opens us up to co-create. To connect with our community of congruent frequencies. To vibrate with our tribe. The very thing that we have been restricted from in the year 2020. Aquarius rules the 11th house of others. The house that governs our groups, personal networks, and inner circle.

Saturn communicates on a social global level. But we must first commit to the future version of ourselves. The Lord of karma dictates time, which will affect us in a personal fashion as we start to recreate the structures of our everyday lives in a totally different way. Jupiter expands our possibilities of finding innovative solutions to overcome obstacles in this evolutionary process. Saturn tests the effectiveness of its implementation. This combination of these two creates a future energy, a system of checks and balances working in a symbiotic relationship. Saturn, however, sets the standard of any growth in this convergence.

Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius, prior to the discovery of the planet Uranus. This modern ruler is currently transiting the fixed Earth sign of Taurus and will square Saturn shortly after his arrival in Aquarius. This ongoing square between the sign and its ruling planet starts in January and occurs throughout the entire year of 2021. The influence of rebel planet Uranus may make us feel as if we are moving forward on shaky ground. Startling events on our globe may happen swiftly, however, the meaning and implication of these occurrences may be slow to reveal themselves under the influence of this ongoing tense aspect.

The square from restrictive Saturn to revolutionary Uranus challenges us to open our minds to a rapid increase in technology and an unprecedented change in the ways we connect with others. There is potential for growth in many areas, yet not without our resources being restricted. We have learned from experience that crisis creates community, and 2021 has the potential to continue to bring humanity together in such a fashion. There are many parts of ourselves that we will shed in 2020. Saturn will be depleting Jupiter, and Jupiter will be delighting Saturn with new options. The merging of these two serves to foster Spiritual Development. Saturn in the presence of the Great benefactor, has the best-case scenario of working out for the good of all. As the feeling of loss sets in from letting go of what has crumbled in the past, expansive new possibilities flow in to fill the void.

The higher heart of Jupiter understands how being restricted from manifesting what we desire can aid in our greater purpose. The excitement of increase followed by a feeling of depletion when slowed down, ultimately provides the knowledge required for responsible action. Wisdom and soul growth are attained through the struggle. We are entering a paradigm shift in the history of the evolution as a human race. Rest assured, abundant, lasting progress can and will be made with the continued efforts of all.

Report compiled by Crystal via AstroMatrix.


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