Below I am highlighting each theme for the year 2021. I will list the key theme and dates you may feel most affected next to the theme. Below the theme title with date I will have more specific info. This report is based on the United States but many of these themes will be felt on a global scale.

BREAKING AWAY Jan 28 through Feb 19

It is a time where you will be having to deal with your own restrictions and inhibitions. The result of this is that you may be feeling like you want to grow and break free from these restrictions or somehow grow within the structures of your current life. You may feel very restless and the responsibilities you may have had to deal with in the past are now intolerable.

This time can be considered a leaping out into a new freedom, it can be accompanied by a change of residence or breakup in your personal relationship. This is not a bad thing and will most likely lead you onto more fortunate circumstances. Your business life can be good during this time if you are able to maintain a calm a careful way of proceeding. If you are restless or impatient it is best to break free from your constrictions and find something new.

KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON Jan 30 through Feb 27

This is normally a time that will be testing your discipline levels and restraints as you may want to go overboard or overextend yourself during this time. You may be feeling excessively optimistic and that could end up causing you problems when things do not go your way.

Knowing when to stop is the trick to getting things done right, you need to have control over yourself and your desires. Try not to be too egotistical as you will be feeling like you own everything and can call all the shots, but this will quickly backfire if you bite more than you can chew. You may end up in some conflict with others especially with authority figures and so it is best to restrain any anger or outbursts, or things may get ugly very fast. The more you know yourself and your abilities the better things will work out for you now.

The effects of this time can indicate luck or change in fortune or a sudden change in your life. It can be a very restless time and you will want to make changes at any cost. It can cause issues as you may be likely to make the wrong decisions just for the sake of making them. Freedom is very important to you now and your relationships may suffer because of this. But opportunity is ripe now, and you need to maintain a degree of restraint and patience to make the right decisions. Remain calm and good things will come your way.


It is a hard and challenging time for communicating with others mainly because of a difference in opinions or points of view. Arguments may end up in break ups or close to it. You will be worrying more, and depression could result as nobody seems to be on your side. It is not a good time to make any long-standing decisions as you are incapable of seeing the big picture and are focusing too much on the immediate situation. It is not all bad, what Saturn is showing is where perhaps you are being rigid or at least to find the source of your conflict with others, where are you perhaps not seeing the forest for the trees. It could end up being a time of intense mental reconstruction which will be very beneficial in the long term. If these conflicts are not addressed now, then they may get worse years from now when Saturn will oppose or conjoins Mercury.

KARMIC DEBT Feb 6 through Mar 26

There may be much more tension in your relationships even to the point of crisis. It is a period of great challenge it is difficult for you to express yourself well and establishing new relationships. It is best to work on what you already have. You may feel quite lonely even in the company of your partner as you may have trouble relating to them especially if you have not built enough of a solid foundation in the relationship. It is a good time to examine your relationships and obligations in general. Your duties in your relationships may increase dramatically and this is related to your past actions that may in fact be karmic. It is best to persist in this relationship until you have exhausted this heavy karma and fulfilled its purpose. Simply fleeing from this responsibility will not work as you may end up in a similar situation later. You will not be feeling very creative now and you may have trouble expressing your ideas. Financially it is also not a good time, make sure you save your money as best as you can by living on less than you normally do.

RELATIONSHIPS Began April 2020 through May 2021

Your relationships will be much more difficult during this time especially if you are finding that your relationship is quite dull and boring. You will be craving excitement and different experiences that could put your relationship in jeopardy. On a subtler level you may find that you just want more independence or freedom and your partner is too jealous or possessive to allow it. Even if your relationship is going well, it is a good time to sort out any problems you have especially if they have something to do with individual freedom and expression. A new relationship that starts during this time may not last even as it may seem fantastic at first, the moment you come back down to earth it may not continue to work well. You may seek out new and different kinds of entertainment, your tastes may be different now and it will allow you to experience different aspects of life you are not used to.

GREAT ABILITIES Feb 20 through May 8

North Node sextile Mars transit is a powerful time, providing a lot of physical strength, endurance, and ability. You may be feeling more driven, ambitious and intensely involved in life. You have more power to pursue adventures and get noticed. You may not be content to wait for opportunities. You go out and make your own. Setting the pace, you can have a big influence on those following in the same footsteps or having similar interests. You can act brave, rugged, and tough. You are willing to venture out first and not afraid to act decisively and quickly in reaction to situations.

The way you take action is often in line with with those around you and your timing is in step, as such they help you fulfill your soul’s legacy of acting on your passions, desires and beliefs. Be careful not to let the way you do things be too influenced by social mores as there is a tendency to let others decide which beliefs are “meant” to be acted upon instead of instinctively acting on your own.

NEW BEGINNINGS Mar 7 through Jan 2022

Your Saturn Return is one of the most important times in your life as a long cycle of experience is about to end. It is a significant time to evaluate and consider what you have been doing and have you achieved what you wanted or where you have gone wrong. Relationships may end, and jobs may change it all depends on whether you are happy with where you have arrived now. You need to do thorough examination of your life’s ambitions and goals, as well as your current situation and decide whether it has future or if it needs to be changed. Consciously or unconsciously you can prune your life of everything that is not relevant to who you are. Some changes may be quite painful to make but do not focus on this as it is only for short time and the longer you hold on to it, the more problems you will have in the future. If you have built your life around activities that are not appropriate this will be a time of crisis otherwise things will be much more solid for you in the years ahead. <