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Unveiling the Cosmic Symphony: June Energy Report

Welcome to June, where we cut through the cosmic BS and get real about astrology, numerology, and the collective energy themes that'll shape our lives. Brace yourself for an unapologetically edgy journey as we navigate the cosmic landscape that awaits us in the coming month.

Astrological Highlights

Gemini Season (May 21 - June 20):

Get ready for a rollercoaster. ride of energy, as Gemini season blasts us with its charismatic and fickle vibes. Adaptability and intellectual exploration become our survival skills. Embrace the duality within, balance opposing energies, and be versatile in whatever the hell you're doing.

Solar Eclipse in Gemini (June 10): Brace yourself for a cosmic shake-up, folks! This powerful solar eclipse amplifies the Gemini energy to the max, kicking off a cosmic gateway for transformation and fresh starts. It's time to ditch those outdated beliefs, thought patterns, and communication styles that have been dragging you down. Embrace new perspectives that actually align with your true self.

Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces (June 20 - October 18):

Hold on tight, because shit's about to get introspective! As Jupiter, the planet of expansion and wisdom, goes retrograde in dreamy Pisces, it's time to take a deep dive into your spirituality, inner guidance, and emotional well-being. Screw superficiality, reflect on your spiritual beliefs, connect with your intuition, and unlock some mind-blowing insights.

This month is really pushing us to deepen our spirituality, and connect on a higher level. I have the perfect, self-paced course to assist you in creating rituals for healing, meeting your spirit guides, begin divination, plus more! Click the pic above to check out my latest course on Shamanic Witchcraft!

(Back to the report.)

Numerological Significance

June rocks the energetic vibe of the number 6 (it's the sixth month), symbolizing harmony, balance, and nurturing relationships. This month, it's all about finding equilibrium within yourself and in your connections with others. Don't forget to give yourself some self-care, foster compassion, and cultivate loving relationships that bring joy and support to your life.

Collective Energy Themes

Authentic Expression:

Screw hiding in the shadows, people! June demands that you own your true self and let your voice be heard, loud and proud. Express your thoughts, feelings, and ideas without giving a damn about what others think. Your authentic expression holds the power to kick some serious ass and bring about transformation.

Healing and Forgiveness:

Brace yourself for some serious soul work, my friend. June's cosmic energies pave the way for deep healing and forgiveness, both personally and collectively. It's time to release past wounds, grudges, and resentments that have been holding you back. Engage in some kickass self-healing practices, seek closure where needed, and extend a middle finger to those who've wronged you. Forgiveness? Yeah, that's for your own damn liberation.

Nurturing Connections:

Get ready to rock those relationships, folks! June's energy is all about nurturing connections with a truckload of tenderness and care. Ditch the superficial small talk and get real with your peeps. Engage in heartfelt communication, listen like you give a shit, and strengthen the bonds that truly matter. It's time to build some badass friendships and take existing partnerships to the next level.


The June Energy Report is here, unfiltered and ready to kick your cosmic ass into gear. Brace yourself for the wild ride of Gemini's energy, the transformative power of the solar eclipse, and the introspective journey of Jupiter's retrograde. Embrace your authentic self, embark on some badass healing, and nurture connections that make your soul freaking sing. May June be a month of truth bombs, mind-blowing insights, and cosmic transformation. Buckle up, bitches, and let the magic unfold.

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How does Quantum Crystal Grid Healing work?

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During your Quantum Crystal Grid Healing session, I connect with your higher self, the essence of your true being, to gain insights and understanding about your unique healing journey. Through this connection, I receive guidance about any energetic blocks, unresolved issues, or imbalances that are hindering your growth and well-being.

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Crystal Taylor

The Quantum Priestess

Contact me here with any questions on my services:

QuantumPriestess369@gmail com

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