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Cosmic Portal Activations

I'm getting a strong nudge from my Spirit to share what I'm feeling and seeing from the 2/2/22 Portal Energy that has been activated.

In order to understand this type of Portal Energy and Activation we need to back peddle to the past few weeks and discuss how the Planetary Retrograde Energies were playing out.

In my opinion this Mercury RX brought out Crazy within the Subconscious Mind and mentally spun a lot of us out.

Mind & Spirit Games were manifested from our Subconscious Spin Outs as well as a lot Karmic Lessons were played out in a short amount of time.

Most of this time our Shadows were running the show to shed a lot of these Subconscious Fears that were surfacing. When our Shadow, must like the Ego, is not properly cared for and healed, it's usually shoved to the side and only allowed to come out and play when the energy calls for it. 😒😔😭

👀No wonder most of the Collective was spinning out. Y'all are not nurturing your Shadow Self enough and trust showed in this recent Mercury Retrograde.

👉So now we fast forward to the present time and energy themes....

Before we've even had an opportunity to Ground, Re-center and catch our Breath once again we are being propelled forward into this INTENSE but AMAZING 2/2/22 Portal Activation as well as honoring Imbolc and the New Moon.

All of this energy brought in a TON of activations and codes that are asking to be integrated into our Energy as well as DNA.

Many of you are not stepping into your True Power and Roles. You're not upholding your end of the bargain. You're not completing the missions you agreed to take upon incarnating onto Planet Earth, Home to Goddess/Mama Gaia.

Gaia will not break your Free Will and force you to step into your power but I can guarantee your going to be in for an intense awakening.

There are many that are going to be forced out of their self-created illusions and will start to see without their Rose Colored Glasses.

So many of us agreed to come here to be on Ground Patrol, Gatekeepers, Grid Workers, Closing down Portals that are being opened against Gaia's Free Will (meaning they are not for the Highest Good of the Planet), some of you incarnated here to be anchors of Ancient Frequencies and Sounds, Crystalline Workers, Transmitters and Transmuters for Gaia, there is so much more to list but I think you get my point.... 👉You can expect to feel the intensity of the 2/2/22 Portal Activations from the beginning of the month well into the end of February and possibly into the first week of March.

My advice to get through this month of impactful energy: Take full advantage of this Portal Energy to take control of your Life as well as your Reality. Embrace your Sovereignty and Creativity allowing the sweetness of the Cosmos to flow through you.

Quantum Medium Coach- Athena Lozano

If you need extra help in aligning and clearing your energy and taking back your power book a Dragon Reiki Session

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