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Sun in Leo - Ease of Expression

Energies July 23 - Aug 24

Ease of Expression with Sun in Leo

With the Sun now in Leo, you have a stronger sense of dignity, nobility and warmth of heart. It’s time to shine, add a touch of color and drama to our lives, and perform. Like the flowers and fruit of the season–blossoming and ripened–this is a time when we want to enjoy ourselves and express ourselves. We are more generous and grand in our gestures and attitudes. On the shadow side, we can also be self-centered and vain. In personality development your main task is one of preserving a careful balance between desirable ambitions and right methods of obtaining them.

You will feel that it is easy to express yourself. You will be ore self centered and want to do what you want when you want to! You will have a strong drive to get out and have a good time but it is important not to completely neglect our typical obligations. It is a good time for your relationships and this may include meeting a new lover or enhancing your current relationship with some extra romance. Dont get so wrapped in yourself that you forget to examine your actions. It is a good time to become more conscious of who you really are. It is one thing to be yourself, it is another to really know yourself.

Energy Report by Crystal Realm

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