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Mental Challenges & Repressed Sexuality 

This maybe a time of challenge or crisis where peoples’ actions make you feel unworthy. Be careful not to get angry and realize this is a point to understand the motivations of others and whether your own motivations are true.

You will be very energetic, and you can assert your will power. You may however be tested and forced to show the truth in what you are doing. Your success depends on how well you can assert yourself so be careful not to become too wrapped up in your own beliefs. It is good to stand up for yourself or you will be more inclined to anger and frustration. If you manage to stick to your guns your efforts will bear fruit later in the year and if you do not, then you may find failure instead.

Your interest in sex may be heightened right now and this energy may cause issues if you are not in a healthy relationship. If your relationship is problematic expect arguments which arise from the unexpressed sexual energy. Try to be compromising with this energy.

You will have intense emotional experiences especially if love is involved, it may even be life altering. You may need to compromise more in your relationships otherwise you will have problems later. You will not be feeling stable and are occasionally overbearing. Try not to be too controlling as this could create conflict.

Report by Crystal via AstroMatrix

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