Intense New Moon & Intense Communications

You may feel as if you are tested for the clarity of your thinking and forced to prove your intentions. There is potential for conflicts so be sure to listen to others so that you can reconcile them. Do not assume and be sure you feel the intentions of others. This will not be a boring week.

You may have some ego conflicts with others so be careful not to let your actions be dictated by subconscious energies. If you feel irritable or impatient this means your energy levels may be too high so remember to ground! Frustration can lead to illness if the energy turns inward. If the energy is used consciously it can be positive and allow you to accomplish good work.

Remember Venus is in Libra until Saturday influencing a strong need to communicate more truthfully, to be fair-minded, to find healthier ways to talk to ourselves, communicate our needs to others, and to find new self-love rituals. This is a time of healing all love wounds, to find a balance of giving & receiving, and to let go of the idea you are only loved if others love you. Love yourself so deeply that no one else is used to fill a void.


On the 15th of November, just a few days after Mars going Direct, there’s an intense New Moon in the deep, watery sign of Scorpio. The Moon is not traditionally always comfortable in this sign, even though water is her favorite element. It can reveal our collective dark side, our shadows, and all the monsters under the bed that we are afraid to confront and see. Symbolically, the New Moon is a dark time, a time of going inward rather than outward, a time of manifestation as she waxes and grows in light in the coming weeks and months. Combined with the shadowy, secretive sign of Scorpio, we can expect this New Moon to be particularly deep and mysterious.

The traditional ruler of this sign, Mars, is still sitting in his home sign of Aries, the Warrior. We may feel a collective up surging of action, of needing to plant intentions that push us into taking control of your situations – and this applies to the worldwide stage, too. Mars is widely aspected to Pluto and Venus, which may bring about extra drama and pressures on our relationships, specifically in our romantic relationships. However, this can be work relationships, too, as Mars rues work in general.