HOWEVER - The keyword this week.

Your imagination may be greatly stimulated, and your sensitivity and awareness to others may be increased. You may not have the clearest thinking, you need to rely on your intuition and how you feel, especially in your heart. You will want to avoid activities that require precision or attention to details. However, you will have intense mental activity, and you communications could have a deep and profound quality. It is a good time to research because this will keep your mind focused, and not so intense. If you don't want to commit to research or work, it is a great time to be out in nature and spend time with you idle fantasies. This can help you be more creative or artistic, which can help you manifest your desires.

You are feeling a greater need to belong in the air. Friendships, groups, and personal relationships are very important and intense- some may border on transcendental at this time. Try to spend time to understand how you feel, and how your emotions affect others. When emotions are handled in a mature way you can enhance these relationships. However (this is a big word this week), unusual and intense relationships with a fated quality may begin at this time and this can have a profound effect on you. Remember that intense may not always be healthy.

In relationships you will want to spark up your love life with new and interesting experiences, even if it means you may be quite demanding. Try not to be too impatient with your partner, but do get your feelings out in open. Otherwise there may be friction to develop later. Your flexibility is being tested and you will need to reach a compromise. You may be all about new experiences this week but avoid being too impulsive. If you are in a new relationship, it may feel quite deep, but this can be quite deceiving. Always trust your gut!

Venus entered Leo last week and this affect will last through the beginning of October. You may feel a bit more demanding during this time. This is a time to learn to set boundaries! Leo's won't settle for anything less than fabulous- so why would you?? Use this transit to set clear expectations. This is a powerful time encouraging you to love yourself, and others, more passionately, affectionately, and deeply.

At the same time we are still feeling the affects of Mars going retrograde in Aries. This is bringing up fiery emotions, warrior mentality, and very high sex drives. It can be a challenge to integrate these energies in a productive way. I shared more on Mars in Aries a few weeks ago, but here are questions for you to keep and use when you are feeling overwhelmed: