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Feeling the Opposition 

Welcome to week 1 of Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio. If you missed last week's report there are some themes here beyond slowed communications. Mercury in Scorpio seeks truth in all things hidden. There is a deep intellectual need under this influence. Our intuitive abilities will be stronger, giving us profound insights into the true nature of people. Just do not be quick to connect with past relationships popping up at this time. Look for the lesson you learned and let it go.

No coincidence this Rx has 11/11 date smack dab in the middle of it. 11/11 is next week so the collective will be gearing up to deeper awakenings!

However, you are still in oppositional energies so know that great courage is shown when you are in distress. Your determination and staying power will enable you to fight off all opposition. Through the end of 2019 is going to be a time of deeper healing and major transformation.

The daily energies this week will be bi-polar. One day you may feel like the life of the party, and the next day you may need to take it easy. Honor your body and trust your instincts on what you need each day.

Report by Crystal Realm via AstroMatrix

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