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Expect the Unexpected

New Moon in Pisces

With the New Moon at 4 Degrees Pisces, Sacrifice and martyrdom are common Piscean themes with a New Moon in Pisces this month. Many spiritually minded folk appreciate the value of making a sacrifice; whether in a ritual or practical context but there ought to be a very clear intent and purpose behind the chosen action. A firm belief that such strong action could help a situation may well move matters to a better level. Or perhaps we will just feel internally cleansed and virtuous about what we have decided to do. Sacrifice can mean giving up something or going without, which may seem a little painful initially. Yet our greater purpose could give us extra strength so that we can manage relatively easily. Perhaps we know that what we say No to ultimately benefits others in a valuable way, or improves our own future in the long run. The focus on a vision for the longer term does seem especially relevant, given that the Pisces New Moon is sextile Mars in Capricorn. Mars is considered to be very well disposed in Capricorn. The Moon is also sextile Uranus in Taurus, which could bring an unexpected development. Maybe, in the course of trying to execute certain plans, we find that an opportunity has arisen that we should definitely say Yes to even if we initially lack a full idea of how we will take advantage of it. Chances are, we need merely to show up in order to make the most of things, as we will be guided along the way. We should not overlook the fact that the New Moon is also conjunct Mercury, the planet of thought and communication. When in Pisces, Mercury is seen by traditional astrologers as problematic, because the planet is considered debilitated in the sign opposite that of its rulership, Virgo. This can be expressed as a lack of truth through confusion or through active deception. There may be a warning with this lunation, then, to be careful about what we say oas well as whom and what we choose to trust.

Other themes this week:

Your ambitions will be strong, and you will want to achieve your goals. You will be clear and objective about making longer term goals and can figure out what you need to change in your life and with those around you to achieve them. There is a great deal of power in your life and you must be careful not to misuse it or it will backfire in the future. Try to understand what your motivations are so it can allow you to make a creative transformation via new understanding that will lead to growth and maturity. The key is not to be too selfish.

You may be very energetic, and you can assert your will power. You may however be tested and forced to show the truth in what you are doing. Your success depends on how well you can assert yourself so be careful not to become too wrapped up in your own beliefs. It is good to stand up for yourself or you will be more inclined to anger and frustration. If you manage to stick to your guns your efforts will bear fruit later in the year and if you do not, then you may find failure instead.

Things may be quite disruptive now as you are liable to sudden upsets or you may upset others. You may not follow your normal routine. Relationships may be difficult, and you may also have ego conflict. You may discover an aspect of yourself that you never knew existed! Do not expect to be able to contend with the everyday grid with discipline and patience.

You will be trying to assert your own individuality because of your strong desire nature. You may end up with a conflict within your personal relationships if there is not a balance between your own needs and that of your partner. It is a good time to discuss these issues if they arise otherwise you may finish feeling upset and frustrated. If your relationship is going well, you should be able to express yourself freely and easily. Your sexuality will be aroused, and your higher level of energy can be utilized well in this context. It is a good time to be creative and artistic so try to do something that involves physical effort otherwise you may end up feeling restless.

Expect the Unexpected this week!

Report compiled by Crystal via AstroMatrix.

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