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Eclipse, Cancer, & Rx's - The Truth Becomes Clear

Mercury is in Retrograde! Are you looking into your past? What is coming up for you? It may be in your dreams if you don't notice it in waking state. It is time to let go. Let go and Release!

Some of you may feel lonely and out of touch with others, occasionally you may be depressed but be aware that your mood may not reflect the reality. Avoid confrontations and falling into negative thinking, your perception is distorted right now. You may feel in a strange mood and are emotionally sensitive. Be careful as these impressions may be delusional and confusing. You may have disagreements, your subconscious is very active so you may be feeling suspicious and fearful.

Things may be quite disruptive now as you are liable to sudden upsets or you may upset others. You may not follow your normal routine. Relationships may be difficult, and you may also have ego conflict. You may discover an aspect of yourself that you never knew existed! Do not expect to be able to contend with the everyday grid with discipline and patience.

SOLAR ECLIPSE IN CANCER  The intense Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees of Cancer is the second eclipse of the season and occurs just hours after the Summer Solstice, intensifying its effect. During this Annular Eclipse, the Sun and Moon will be conjoined 1 degree away from the North Node of destiny in Gemini. This creates a powerful energy that is perfect for clarifying your life purpose.

 The energy of an Eclipse simply speeds up the inevitable. They are initiation points that serve to activate your destiny. Solar Eclipses serve to clear space for new opportunities to occur by shutting down existing situations. It may feel uncomfortable to let go of what is familiar as you set new intentions for the future. In the sign of Cancer, new themes occur around home and family by making room in the heart and head for new ideas.

 The Eclipses occur on the North and South Nodes of the Moon, the points of karmic past and future destiny. These points are activated by the eclipses, initiating transformations. They herald powerful and significant endings and beginnings. This is a North Node occurrence, offering opportunities to paint a new picture of the future. Events that are triggered by the Eclipse are opportunities to break old patterns and become intentional about the new trajectory of your life.

 The Sun and Moon will be square to Mars in Pisces, offering an opportunity to activate our Spiritual connection through modalities such as yoga and meditation. They will also be in a tight quincunx/inconjunct to Saturn in Aquarius. This aspect acts as a bridge between challenges in overcoming the past and encourages innovative connections with others.

 This New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs just three days after Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer and three days prior to Venus stationing direct in Gemini. With 5 planets now in retrograde, it is a time for deep introspection. A time to review and release past aspirations that are no longer in alignment. And a time to recommit to what is working by implementing new plans for the future. Cancer represents the Great Mother, the nurturer. What changes can we make in how we nurture others and also ourselves?

SUN IN CANCER With the Sun now in Cancer you may be feeling kind, diplomatic, sympathetic, highly sensitive and deeply emotional, yet very defensive, protective and at times quite unforgiving unable to forget even a minor slight. Your imagination will be more powerful, and on occasions, you bring a touch of genius into the more profound affairs of life. Comfort, pleasure and relaxation will be more important to you during this time. June 21st this year marks the longest day of the year ( in the northern hemisphere), that special moment in the year when the Sun reaches its zenith in the sky and 'stands still' for three days before beginning its descent.

As one of the cardinal points of the year, the Solstice is marked as the ingress of the Sun into the zodiac sign of Cancer the crab, the water sign ruled by the Moon. So this is a time to honour our familial ancestors and to feel into the origins and the roots of our existence and the deep foundations of our being. After all the flutter and buzz of Gemini, this is the stage in the wheel where we bring it all home. It is the 'sweet spot' in the zodiac. The fruits are sweetening, and the pollinating bees are returning to the hive where the honey is made. Cancer is a deep meditation on what it means to be 'at home'; it is the return home, the sense of the body being a temple that can house the soul. It is also a gateway of memory, where we are most deeply influenced by what has gone before, and we feel the need to heal the hurts and wounds of the past. So, at this time, we are reminded to drink deeply of this soulful medicine and to nurture our innermost being.

NEPTUNE RETROGRADE IN PISCES Neptune moves into retrograde motion on June 23rd and will culminate it’s remission in Pisces when it stations direct on November 28th. When Neptune is direct you look for experiences of oneness outside of yourself, and when Neptune is retrograde you seek oneness within yourself. The retrograde occurs annually and the cycle lasts for 160 days. During this phase, you may experience heightened intuition, lucid dreaming, and an increased interest in the supernatural.

 The retrograde in Pisces represents the tendency to disconnect from reality. The foggy nature of Neptune becomes removed and the truth becomes visible. Fears and feelings of anxiousness may increase when the fog clears and reality sets in. The deeper you have descended into escapism, the greater the shock may be as toxic behaviors and addictions re-emerge.

 This cycle brings the total to SIX planets currently in retrograde, making it an ideal time for deep personal review and introspection. Luckily, Venus moves out of Retrograde on the 25th of June reducing the retrograde action just a little. There are no major aspects to other planets during Neptunes retrograde this year. Outer planets are at their highest manifestation of power when they change direction.

 Neptune represents the higher heart, the true self that is discovered by activating the pineal gland. By connecting with your Spiritual source you can use this opportunity to face and deal with the issues you have denied and dismissed. Neptune in retrograde can help you discover the source of your pain which can be a catalyst for spiritual growth. With the planet Mars close by in Pisces, this cycle can stimulate our Spiritual drive. Neptune wants to dissolve our ego so that we can be at one with ourselves, others, and our Spiritual Source, in the light of newfound personal truth. The illusion of separation is lifted and the message is that we are all united.


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Report by Crystal via AstroMatrix.

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