Eclipse, Cancer, & Rx's - The Truth Becomes Clear

Mercury is in Retrograde! Are you looking into your past? What is coming up for you? It may be in your dreams if you don't notice it in waking state. It is time to let go. Let go and Release!

Some of you may feel lonely and out of touch with others, occasionally you may be depressed but be aware that your mood may not reflect the reality. Avoid confrontations and falling into negative thinking, your perception is distorted right now. You may feel in a strange mood and are emotionally sensitive. Be careful as these impressions may be delusional and confusing. You may have disagreements, your subconscious is very active so you may be feeling suspicious and fearful.

Things may be quite disruptive now as you are liable to sudden upsets or you may upset others. You may not follow your normal routine. Relationships may be difficult, and you may also have ego conflict. You may discover an aspect of yourself that you never knew existed! Do not expect to be able to contend with the everyday grid with discipline and patience.

SOLAR ECLIPSE IN CANCER  The intense Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees of Cancer is the second eclipse of the season and occurs just hours after the Summer Solstice, intensifying its effect. During this Annular Eclipse, the Sun and Moon will be conjoined 1 degree away from the North Node of destiny in Gemini. This creates a powerful energy that is perfect for clarifying your life purpose.