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Mercury is still in Leo through August 19th. Mercury catalyzes each zodiac cycle, channeling the qualities of each constellation directly into the mind. In the sign of Leo, this manifests as pride. We have a two week window of opportunity to face ourselves, our core identity, and the stories we tell about who we are. Mercury teaches us the very personal lesson of self satisfaction, by means of gratitude, thus keeping our ego in check. Choosing to operate from a place of humility is to awaken the heart, a very” Leo” quality. When operating from a place of heart centeredness, we avoid toxic extremes of satisfying self. By remaining mindful of our sexual, and creative energies during this period, we can find a healthy balance that helps avoid the extremes that lead to self sabotage.

Halfway through the transit, Mercury creates a square to Uranus in Taurus, on August 10th. This tense aspect challenges us to explore our revolutionary ideas, asking ourselves if they are grounded in practicality. The earth sign of Taurus challenges us to tame our now over the top displays. Mercury then harmoniously aspects Mars in Aries, on August 16th. This supportive Fire trine creates an energy that allows us to communicate our desires and intentions with ease. We feel the forward momentum finally. Then on August 17th, Mercury conjoins the Sun in Leo, allowing our inner light to shine. The Sun is the natural ruler of Leo and productivity soars under this exalted influence.

Mercury rules our minds, and in the Fire sign of Leo, often overthinks. It prefers to hold it all in, and then an inevitable explosion of suppressed emotion tends to follow. Unlike the other Fire signs, Leo lives from the Heart. Such intense displays are often sourced from deep passion. This placement encourages us to balance those expressions. By tapping into the Solar source of strength, self-control is possible. This transit of Mercury offers us the ability to tune in to our true voice. We become empowered to operate in alignment with authenticity, confident in who we are, and where we are going. Inner Harmony comes from knowing that we are Divinely supported in our process of getting there.

Transit Themes:

Confidently communicate my truth.

Creatively express my authentic self.

Consciously balance pride and humility.

This week the Sun is conjuct Natal Mercury, so it is an excellent time to start new business ventures! Mercury rules commerce and favors interchange of ideas. You will be helped my a sharp mindset. You may also be more involved in examining yourself, but avoid being to pre-occupied with yourself. It is a good time to initiate communication with others. You may notice your intellect is quite sharp this week, and you can clearly formulate ideas that you normally have trouble with. You may be more curious than normal and have interest in new ideas.

Mercury enters Virgo on the 19th giving you an intelligent, strong, versatile, and analytical mind with great powers to attend to detail. Your memory is stronger and you can have the ability to think practically and constructively. There may be some predisposition to nervous excitement, headaches, and needless worry over trivial matters. Remember to ground and center!


Uranus, the revolutionary planet of change, will begin it’s retrograde phase on 8/15/2020 at 10° of the fixed Earth sign of Taurus.The phase lasts for five months and will end on 1/14/2021 at 6° of Taurus. This will provide an amazing opportunity to review the areas of radical change that are occurring in our personal lives as well as the global changes we are currently experiencing. The energy will evoke a strong desire to eliminate any obstacles to our future growth. There will be a reaffirming urge to express our authentic selves and operate from a place of personal sovereignty, regardless of how that expression may go against the grain of societal acceptance. We can experience desire to dig our heels into the new directions that we are taking in our lives under this influence.

Planets have an increased intensity of their expressed energy when they change directions. Uranus is an electromagnetic planet associated with sudden, shocking events when direct, and this retrograde will not lessen that intensity. In fact, it will be moving back over 6°-11°of Taurus for the second time, reiterating the areas of life that are already changing, both personally and collectively. It will continue to disrupt the areas of life associated with the sign of Taurus, namely our shifting values in relation to love, money and our very connection to the Earth itself. The disruptive nature of Uranus is in order to propel us into the path of our future.

The last time Uranus was retrograde in Taurus was 80 years ago, so this is an energy that many of us have never experienced, ushering in change to the likes of what we will never see again. Uranus is an outer, slower moving planet, so it’s effects will be in the background, executing a theme of revolution for this period of time in history. It will incite evolutionary changes of epic proportions for all of humanity. This retrograde phase offers an opportunity to tap into the higher mind, represented by Uranus, in order to align our higher selves with the path of progress moving forward. And to inspire us to embrace our personal gifts in a way that serves humanity.

The effects of this retrograde serve to destabilize the areas of our lives where we have become affixed to outdated means of operating, that no longer serve our highest good. It signifies a shift into proper alignment with our progression. Uranus will remain in the sign of Taurus until 2026, so this phase of shocking change will continue long after the retrograde has ended. It is a powerful rebel planet that eliminates the chains of toxic traditions, in pursuit of personal freedom. It paves the way for a new future in order to raise humanity to a beneficial new place of purpose.


As much as we try to read into the energies, connect with our Higher Consciousness, and speak with our Guides, none of us know exactly what is coming. There are several future outcomes that our planet could easily swing towards, we are at the tipping point. But which way will the pendulum swing? That is still up to us. We are surrounded by chaos, fear, and anger. Those of us anchoring the new energies and carrying the higher vibrations are exhausted, and feel beat up. This is no easy task we signed on for. Remember to take care of YOU. It is ok to ask for help. It does not matter if you are an old soul, a master, a priest or priestess, etc etc. The Spirits I have communicated with (which includes what we call Ancients, and Master Spirits) are dealing with new things as we are. They do not always have all the answers.

We are being pushed to find our own power that comes from within. Heart chakras are expanding for many people. This can be very painful and even feel like a heart attack at times. If you feel you need to see a doctor, please do so for your peace of mind. Make sure you are grounding, centering yourself, and practicing ways of mindfulness, and doing things to keep you calm. Take the ego out of this. We all have some ego, but do not be so prideful that you refuse to ask others for help when you need it to refill your own cup! I am here for you guys.

Click the image below if you would like to go into Quantum Trance with me. This can help you hit that reset button, relax your mind, body, and soul, and connect to your Higher Consciousness so you can see things from a higher perspective. You can also receive healing energies if it is needed. You can also search the hashtags #QTbyC on Facebook and Instagram for informative posts on #QuantumTranceByCrystal!

Report by Crystal via AstroMatrix.

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