Who are we?

Crystal Taylor,
High Priestess and Creator of The Quantum Priestess Realm. 
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Crystal Taylor is an initiated High Priestess, Certified in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Certified Reiki Master, Certified Spiritual Counselor, Certified Life Coach, and Ordained Minister. 
Crystal specializes in working with Consciousness. She does this in Quantum Trance, #QTbyC, which allows her clients to hear their own Soul speak.  This allows individuals to receive healing and get answers about their life. She is a Draconian Starseed who works in other Realms and Dimensions to assist the Ascension process on Earth.  The goal of Crystal's work is to help people find their inner power and expand their consciousness to live from their highest potential and help others.  She has performed groundbreaking work with Quantum Trance where individuals have successfully channeled other Spirits to receive information about changes happening on Earth.
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Quantum Healer, Physical & Psychic Medium

Athena is a Multifaceted Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Oracle, Seer, Starseed Conduit, Psychic Medium, Certified Quantum Trance Practitioner, Quantum Reiki Master, and Quantum Medium Coach.


Athena specializes in Expanding Consciousness through her Quantum Energy Work and her ability to communicate with a wide variety of Spirit Guides, Dimensional Beings, Elementals and E.T.’s.

Athena is a Sirian Starseed who works in many Realms, Dimensions and Planets to aid in raising the Consciousness of Planet Earth and helping people find their Unique Life Purpose.


Athena has been a Healer and Psychic Medium for over 20 years. The Goal of Athena’s Work is to help break the Myths and Stigmatism of being a Psychic Medium. Athena helps people unlock their dormant Soul Abilities and gives them the Spiritual Tools to continue on the path of their Soul Healing long after working with her.

We have years of experience combined working with the following:

God/Goddess Spirits
Master Spirits
Interdimensional Beings 

We work in other Realms such as:

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