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We are still in the sun sign of Virgo so you may still be feeling a need to clean up, in 1 or all aspects of life. Physical pursuits will help you to not be overly critical. This week is a great time to organize and plan. Attention is on duties and responsibilities- that shit you don't want to do, but are obligated to do. Energy will feel low. Don't dwell on feeling lonely or depressed. Get to work because it is needed.

By the 10th your energy may feel high again. Yes, more bipolar AF energy shifts! (Woohoo). Continue to focus on physical activities because you will need to release this energy. You may find better results from group projects over flying solo.

Bipolar energy shifts... still going at it. You may be feeling low again. If you feel lethargic, rest. Take things easy. No rash or impulsive decisions this week. While some may be feeling the high, some will not be feeling great at all.


- Crystal Realm


(Via AstroMatrix)

The September 13th Full Moon at 21° Pisces intertwines with the opposition of Neptune and Mars at 17° Pisces. This planetary pattern, reflects being on the verge of decisive action. Yet bringing thoughts and plans to fruition is not easy in an atmosphere of uncertainty. It can bring a test of faith because of Jupiter square Neptune dissapointments. Actions are imagined but not carried out or are never completed. Something begun in haste could lack follow-through. Foggy Neptune can manifest in memory lapses. Delays and losses occur due to forgetfulness or thoughts fail to take hold as definitive actions. In our busy, technological world, you may ignore the subtle processes including how the subconscious mind registers information ahead of conscious thought. You may not always notice how much you rely on intuitive responses to guide your decision making. You don’t always need to question yourself when you recognise that you are relying on instinctive guidance. Neptunian mystery means that you may not understand why you feel uneasy about a course of action, but you can still respect the feelings and any choices they lead to. It can be difficult to trust an inner “knowing” in the moment, perhaps because it seems so subtle compared with the weight of rationale and others’ opinions. If you need more convincing, you could consider a past experience when you ignored an intuitive response and later felt annoyed, since the intuition turned out to be accurate and appropriate. Tuning more deeply into the body’s clues can also help to recognise whether a situation is right for you. If you still fight your intuition, you might remember that it has its own inner strength; when you ignore an intuitive prompt, it may respond with a stronger signal. Under this Pisces Full Moon, for instance, you may feel a Mars-style backlash like a stab of pain, warning us to hold back from taking action. The Pisces Full Moon indicates the potential for emotional breakdown, where Virgo’s good intentions and perfect plans can derail through emotional triggers shutting down areas of thought. This full moon is also in Constellation Phoenix. The strongest aspect to the full moon is a supportive one to Pluto so this is definitely a full moon for positive transformation and rebirth. Moon sextile Pluto makes your subconscious more intense and powerful. Deeply buried feelings are exposed and you will gain more control over your emotions, reactions, and instinctive behaviors. Anything in a state of decay in your life can be reborn. You can get to the cause of any bad habit or addiction. Meanwhile, Venus and Mercury at the critical degree of 29° Virgo carry a now or never theme. Do you allow yourself to be sidetracked by confusion, day dreaming or escape mechanisms? Do you trust the intuitive voice prompting you along another direction? Various responses are possible, given Virgo discernment and the Mercurial ability to change position. All of the planets in opposition are in mutable signs, emphasising an ability to move in different directions. The Pisces lunation offers multiple choices with potential for powerful changes!

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