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Sep 1st thru 3rd

It is a good time to express yourself at every opportunity. Your mind is clear, and you are alert and sharp. It is a good time to make an impression, you may feel restless and eager to learn new things.

You are more likely to have a higher sexual drive than usual, and your desires will be quite strong. Your energy is high, and you will need gratification and if there is no outlet for this energy you may feel quite frustrated. You can channel these energies creatively and it is a good time to do artwork, take photos or anything that would require some physical outlet like sports or exercise or dancing would be a great idea. It can signify a time to begin a new love relationship that may not be long lasting but will be quite physical

Sep 4th

Daydreaming is a strong characteristic now and it can be quite pleasant and feel even romantic. It can also manifest as artistic inspiration. This time could signify a breakup of a relationship which could be quite hurtful however they have probably ended for the best as they were probably too idealistic.

Sep 7th

You are feeling a little cautious, and it is hard to see the big picture. Maintain a positive attitude and you can have great intellectual precision. It is a good time to plan the details of a trip or project you are working on.

Compiled by Crystal Realm via AstroMatrix.

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