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You will have the ability to organize your thoughts and concentrate for long periods to obtain your objective. Your mental disposition is positive, kind, easy-going and cheerful, although on occasion you can be self-opinionated, stubborn, arrogant and overly-forceful.

This is an excellent time to start a new business venture. Mercury rules commerce and favors interchange of ideas and place and you will be helped by the sharpness of mind. You can be more involved in examining yourself and you initiate communication with others. It is a good time to make plans, you have a good understanding now but avoid too much self-preoccupation.

Mars entering Virgo that you will assert yourself in a self-disciplined, precise, systematic, orderly, calculating, careful, practical, controlled and dignified manner - possessing skills for detailed work, craftsmanship, good organizational ability and a sense of responsibility.

You should feel good physically and psychologically. It is an optimistic time and you desire experience and activity. It is a good time to study as you have a desire to understand and know. You should be open minded but be careful of being arrogant or domineering. Handle your resources intelligently and you should have a positive experience for potential future growth.

This report compiled by Crystal Realm via AstroMatrix.

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