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Transitioning Souls

In today’s Spirit Blog I’m going to discuss what it means for my own Soul to assist and prepare a Spirit to transition from their Human Life into the Spirit Realm.

At Soul Level we all have jobs, a life purpose, a mission of sorts that we agreed to do upon planning out our lives before reincarnating. We agreed to walk paths that may not be easy for us, especially when our emotions are tied to such matters. I have been working with Spirit’s since I was a young girl. I have gifts I inherited from both sides of my family as well as the ones my Soul has developed throughout my many different lives. Some would say the path to ascension I chose was a rather extreme, fast track, spiritual path but it was done this way because my own soul knew I could handle whatever Spirit has placed in my path.

Since I was a young girl I have felt and seen Spirits. Some were pleasant and others were not. I didn’t have the support system I would have liked to have as a child knowing I was different than others but again, this is what I signed up for to help my Spirit to become stronger. I am many things at Soul Level- A Healer of sorts, a Soul Soother, a Catalyst, a Protector, a Warrior, a Magic Worker, someone who walks in MANY Worlds/Dimensions, an Energy Worker, a Spirit Medium assigned to assist souls in crossing over and so much more. I look at myself from the inside to the outside and I see what a strong soul I am and still becoming. At times my human self has doubts as every human does...but that is when I turn to my own Higherself /Source Self and my team of Spirit Guides asking for a bit of clarity when I’m too emotionally attached to an outcome.

What does being a Psychic Medium have to do with transitioning souls to the spirit realm?

In all honesty I have been doing this for so long I had no idea until the past few years I was doing this. All of the human jobs I was in I was surrounded by people I knew would have an impact on my spirit but I wasn’t aware of just how much. I have worked in Restaurants, Pharmacy’s, Durable Medical Equipment Offices, Nursing Homes and even had Temp Jobs where I met people that impacted my Spiritual Life. In all of these jobs I would encounter Spirits every step of the way.  When I worked in Nursing Homes, I would feel certain Patients become very attached to me in a very short amount of time for no apparent reason. Even if they had a general distain for me, I would feel some part of them clinging to my light, my happiness, my soul soothing abilities just for a moment of peace and clarity. I would dream about a patient's family member getting ready to pass and my spirit was there reassuring them that it would be okay and to trust the process of crossing over. Usually when this phenomenon would take place this patient would pass shortly after.

I have known for about 7-8 months now that my Biological Mother’s time on this earthly plane wasn’t going to be much longer. I did not dream of this per se but it was a message my own Higherself downloaded to my heart space. I knew there was a reason I had been dreaming of my mother so often and it wasn’t easy to accept this. Yes, I understand death is inevitable for all of us and we don’t necessarily “die” we just transition to the next place our Spirit has chosen to go. Last night I had an extremely vivid dream of my biological mother. I seen her standing in a long line of other people I did not know. In this dream she was picking out different types of coats and there were 3 prominent colors that stood out in this dream. I saw 5 Red Puffy Coats in the front, 1 Royal Purple Puffer Coat and 2 White Jackets at the end. She looked confused and overwhelmed about which jacket she was supposed to choose. This is when I told her she was to choose the Purple Coat as this was the color she was supposed to wear. She seemed pleased with this jacket and the dream jumped to another timeline. I was again brought back to this same place in my dream state because she still seemed conflicted about the colors she was seeing and what she was supposed to choose. I, again, reminded and reassured her the Purple would look very nice on her and this time she seemed more pleased with this.  

I took this as an opportunity to not only analyze the dream in regards to the colors and the meaning behind the Red, Purple and White but I also felt a strong nudge to call in my Ancestors from my mother's side to have a discussion about her wellbeing to see if she was okay. 

I’m going to break down the color’s and their meanings in a dream as well as sum up the messages I received from my Ancestors on my mother's side. 

In the dream I seen 5 Red Jackets....A red jacket indicates a new start in your life. So, does this mean she will be having a new start in her Human Life or her Spirit Life? Well, I have to go with the ladder on this one as I know the state of her health and her conscious mind is not the best. The color red is associated with the Root Chakra and in Energy Healing can also be used to “burn” things out of the Aura and Chakras. Think of Mars and its fiery energy. This is definitely a color you want to be careful with when using different rays of light as it can be a bit strong for both humans and spirits if used incorrectly. As Crystal and I always say, Intentions are EVERYTHING in your Magic. Whether you are using Healing Modules to assist you or simply using your own energy to sending healing energy, intention and permission are two very important key factors. 

If you see the Color Red in this dream from a psychological point of view, Freud associates the red jacket with the idea of moving forward. Hence my mother’s Spirit is wanting to move forward from the anger and depression she has carried in her Chakras and Spirit Body for so long but does not have the tools or capability of doing this in her waking life. In fact, it has already been shown that her Spirit DOES NOT want to receive the energy healing I or others could send her to assist her on her journey.

The color Purple (The 2nd Coat/In the Middle) is associated with Crown Energies, it can be used to assist those with Mental Confusion, reconnecting with one's own spirit, it is associated with good judgement and has a calming presence which can give oneself a sense of peace and clarity. This is where her Spirit needed Guidance on which “Color” would best assist her in the current state her mental state is in. 

The Color White is associated with Spirit, our Source/God/Goddess Self. To me this is a color of enlightenment and protection to one's spirit body. The color “White” is also associated cleansing, healing, purity, returning to one's innocence and the truth of who we are at Source Level. 

I might add in my emotional state this morning, upon waking up from this dream of seeing my mother, I asked one of my Spirit Guides if they could possibly check on her and make sure she is okay. The response I received brought a painful trigger to my awareness and this is what prompted this topic for my Spirit Blog. The answer I received upon my request was straight to the point “Athena, even if one of us checks on her you know we cannot intervene”. In that moment I had no idea what my Guide meant by that but he was aware of things I was not. As much as I hate to admit it, he knew it would trigger me to call fourth my own Higherself and my Ancestors to ask the questions I’ve been dreading. Was my own Higherself  truly on my own Mother’s Transition Team?!? If so, how would I keep my emotions at bay to assist her in the best possible way? How do I not have an emotional attachment to the outcome? The truth is, regardless of what I feel, death is inevitable. I cannot change it, I cannot ask her Spirit to stay in limbo like she has been, waiting for her body to finally say “It is time now”. I simply have to be there for her the best way I can and continue holding space for her. I spoke with her Primary Spirit Guide as well as other Loved Ones from my mother's side for answers and clarity to this particular situation. I cried with them as well as for them because they too knew it would be her time soon. My mother’s Primary Guide was very honest and blunt which I’m truly grateful for. He made it clear that she has been in a Spiritual Battle most of her life. My Mother’s Spirit has tried to detach from her own body in her younger years a few times because she was spiritually tired from the trauma’s she endured. Thankfully there was an intervention of sorts as she still had lessons to learn from this life. My mother’s Higherself is in a statis of sorts. Not disconnected but resting, healing, floating, preparing. She has made it ABUNDNTLY clear she does not want healing of any sort from her Spirit Team or Myself. Some would see this as a way of the human mind being stubborn and carrying too much guilt from this life. As a Shaman, I see it from a different perspective and understand her Spirit is receiving the healing and guidance she needs in a higher plane as her human body goes through the motions down here. What was the significance of the color “Purple” you might ask?

The significance of this “Purple Coat” in the dream was my own Spirit’s way of offering her protection from the un-seen elements in her time of transitioning. I do not know how long my mother has, quite honestly, I do not wish to know of these things. I do know this is a part of who and what I AM. I am one of many who chose to be a part of assisting souls into the next part of their Spirit Journey. 

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