The Spirit of the Coffee Bean

The Spirit of the Coffee Bean is a blog about the magic behind using Coffee Beans for magical purposes and how it can be used to give a “Boost” to one’s own spirit as well as the Spirit Guides/Team you may have assisting you in your everyday life.

Where did the Coffee Plant come from you may ask?

“According to historians, the coffee plant arrived in Arabia with the Ethiopian invasions of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. It is, in fact, in the mountainous areas of East Africa that the Coffea Arabica was born and grows spontaneously, although until the nineteenth century Mocha was considered the “homeland” of coffee.

The local tribes gathered coffee cherries, dried them, roasted them and added butter and salt to prepare aromatic breads to be eaten while on the move, a custom still alive today in the indigenous population.”

In Spirit Term the word coffee, is “Cao” and trust me most Spirits goes CRAZY over Coffee Beans the same way most of us get excited about our fresh cup of coffee or our favorite Latte’ first thing in the morning or afternoon.

In fact, I usually gift and share my first cup of coffee with my Primary Spirit Guide/Partner first thing in the morning. He loves the Peppermint Mocha Creamer that I add to it but is not a fan of the Almond Joy Creamer that I like to add a dollop of to my coffee sometimes. This gives him a little morning boost and I will usually be prompted to make a 2nd cup of coffee around the hours between eight and nine pm to give him another boost. Personally, I think he just enjoys the taste of coffee and I’m sure this is something he misses having from his last life.  Now let's talk about how actual Coffee Beans can help you and your Spirit Guides/Team: The Spirits have readily admitted to myself and other Psychic Mediums who work with Spirits that coffee beans are not only high vibrational but it gives them a boost to work harder towards a goal. The Coffee Beans used in a ritual or even placed inside a glass votive candle holder with a tealight can boost the vibration of a whole a room!! Magic can be simple and elegant or it can be extravagant and drawn out over a few days up to a week, depending on the ritual/spell work. 

I’m going to list four magical uses that Coffee Beans can be used in your day-to-day life. If you're not a fan of Coffee Beans and prefer Tea Leaves instead, this can be used as a substitute as well. 

Clear blockages

Use coffee in spells or rituals to clear mental and spiritual blockages. If you find yourself repeating the same emotional patterns over and over, or you can’t seem to get beyond a certain set of circumstances or way of thinking, include coffee in your rituals to liberate your personal energy and free up more “flow” in your life.