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The Importance of Clearing your Space

We all know the importance of clearing our Sacred Space but what about our every day space? What about the bedroom? How many of us sleep with our cellphones in our room? Next to the bed, even across the room from us? Lower Vibrational Energies & Frequencies can easily manipulate our technology. I recieved a download this morning that we had more frequencies being pushed through our phones to keep us in a low vibration. I didn't think to clear my bedroom because I was in a hurry to get out, pick up groceries and go play in nature. I came home hours later, ate supper and decided to get a bath with my crystals. I went upstairs to my room to grab my crystals and I instantly felt something was "OFF" energetically. I felt like I had an energetic intruder in my room and I was livid. I asked my Guides to please assist in clearing the room while I cleared out my Etheric Body in my Goddess Bath. So think about that for a moment- If your not aware of an energy coming through your technology and it sits in one space accumulating more energy, wouldn't it have the capability of growing/feeding off the lower vibrations? As much as we, as Spiritual Beings, stress the importance of clearing your Sacred Space, it's just as important to clear your Every Day Space i.e. your Bedroom. Don't forget to clear your electronics as well. If you can, shut them off before falling asleep. If you must leave your phone on, try clearing it and setting the intention that nothing may permit your electronics or sleeping quarters. Published by Athena

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