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The Aeon

It is a great time for hard mental work and tasks that require discipline. Your mind is clear, and your standards are high. You may have trouble communicating with others or giving a negative impression to others. Avoid pessimism, try to be optimistic and concentrate on the little things you need to do rather than focusing on the big picture. Try not to be too narrow-minded.

Mercury is entering Gemini and this makes us especially communicative, curious, and  sociable. Mercury feels right at home in Gemini, one of the signs that it rules. You will have more of an adaptable, energetic, active, and versatile mind.

You want to seek more  knowledge, either through reading, conversation, or through travel and talking with the new  people you constantly meet. You may have a more nervous energy that this can sometimes  cause great stress which must find an appropriate release. Exercise is a good way to  release this tension.

You are quick to grasp new concepts and equally quick to lose interest in an idea or project  once your curiosity has been satisfied. You like to taste a little bit of everything -  concentration and disciplined study are not strong points so work on mental discipline.  Breathing exercises, meditation, and other relaxation techniques may be required to ensure  you stay focused.  Mercury arrives in Gemini May 12th, 2020, and the conversation quickly unfolds. On the same day, Mercury makes an Air trine to Saturn in Aquarius. This aspect asks how are you taking responsibility as you hold a position of Authority? The newly arrived North Node joins Venus, which stimulates how you speak about what you think in matters of the heart moving forward. New ideas unfold offering a clear vision of your path to the future. Mercury in its sign of rulership allows an outward expression of forwarding momentum. The combination of Mercury and Gemini opens up a Cosmic door of insight. This energy supports expressing your unique viewpoint and the philosophical way you make sense of things. This is a time when you are encouraged to engage in the curiosity of Gemini, teaching your mind to be young again. Mercury will be in the sign of Gemini until May 27th, 2020, and will then Ingress into the sign of Cancer.

Later in the week Mars is Opposition Natal Sun. You may need to maintain great patience during this time. You might be feeling very angry and frustrated that things are not going your way. You may feel a sense of inadequacy about yourself which could come out in ego conflicts or explosive outburst. It is a good time to reflect on who or what is triggering your buttons. You may feel lonely or isolated or have people initiate verbal attacks on you for no reason, avoid standing up to these criticisms and try to maintain a calm energy if you can. Just stick to your guns and work on what you must do and try to see where you are being affected most emotionally there will better times to resolve these problems.

Tarot Theme This Week from Patch Tarot

Card: The Aeon

Theme: Advancement

This is a time of closure and finality. This week could signal the ending of a chapter in your life, and advancement to a new level. Utilize the energy of Mercury mentioned above to come to terms with any mistakes you have made, forgive yourself, and accept the lessons you have learned. These experiences live within you as memories, but no longer need to have a hold over you. Enter this new era of your life with a sharp mind!

The Earth is also seen in a state of major transformation, as the entire planet moves through this Aeon into a new world. The earth has made a huge shift, and now 2 timeliness or realities appear:

1. This timeliness ascends and lives in a state of love and truth.

2. This reality is in a state of collapse and experience destruction. This is necessary for everything to reach a higher dimension.

Many Spirits are ascending upward also. We are in a time many would refer to as Rapture. Souls who are holding back the ascension of their soul family groups will be removed from the Earthly reality and sent where they need to be for their own evolution.

Again, utilize the Mercury and Gemini energies to release what is in the past so you can ascend into the new era!

Report by Crystal Taylor via AstroMatrix.

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