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This is the time to communicate to others anything that is important to you. Your mind is functioning clearly, and you should be able to get your point across. It is a great time for studying and learning in general as your mind is quick and receptive.

You may have trouble communicating with others or giving a negative impression to others. Avoid pessimism, try to be optimistic and concentrate on the little things you need to do rather than focusing on the big picture. Try not to be too narrow-minded.

Venus enters Aquarius on Friday and this energy Carrie's into 2020. Venus in Aquarius dedicates her time to building relationships based on the proposition that everyone is truly created equal. You will feel more independent, and have a much more non-traditional approach to romantic and social affairs. It takes off the heavy seriousness that was brought on by Venus in Capricron. Be more original, sparkling, glamorous this will make you socially popular.

It is a good time for socializing in general, as you will be able to make friends and relationships a little easier. Your strong love of emotional freedom may cause some problems in your domestic life. Be careful if you are in a relationship that is overly possessive, there may be some friction or feelings of restriction.

Report compiled by Crystal via AstroMatrix.

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