Significant Changes Ahead

MARS IN ARIES Starting on the 29th June, Mars will begin a 6-month-long transit through its home sign of Aries, finishing on the 7th January 2021. This will usher in quite a significant change in our energy levels, as we go from feeling vague and confused, almost like we’re running through water, to heightened physical energy, as well as energy that is clear, direct, and at times confrontative or aggressive. There will be a huge emphasis on the self as well as our independence, and how we embody our identity in the way we assert ourselves.

Let the spontaneous, fiery, get-up-and-go energy inspire you to partake in some kind of physical exercise; if you don’t direct this huge amount of energy into a physical outlet, it could make you feel extremely restless and fidgety, and may find its way out through sudden bursts of anger and flare-ups of temper.

In addition to being active, Mars in Aries is asking you to be direct when it comes to asserting your boundaries, and confident in speaking your truth and standing up for what you believe in. Keep in mind that disagreements can easily escalate into aggressive or even violent situations because of this heightened masculine energy, so practise how to state your arguments and maintain your boundaries in a non-confrontational way. This impulsive, fiery energy doesn’t usually last long, so there’s no need to worry too much about anyone holding grudges, but be careful of saying things you may come to regret while in the heat of the moment.

Can you say “no” without being mean about it? You may also find that you have the drive to take action and start new projects that you’ve been thinking of or planning, but the impatience and frustration that this Mars transit brings may see you losing that initial enthusiasm very quickly, therefore unable to see the whole thing through. From the 10th September until 24th November, Mars will be retrograding in Aries. As with all retrogrades, this period calls for introspection as we are being asked to slow down and re-assess the projects we are currently taking action on, the way we assert ourselves and how we achieve our goals. The sharp clarity of Mars in Aries will become a bit confusing and ambiguous, leading to uncertainty and a drop in confidence as we start to hesitate and second-guess ourselves and our intuition.

Even though there may be stagnation and a lack of momentum during this retrograde, try not to make any major decisions on an impulse or a whim, especially when it comes to career. Continue to move your body to prevent frustrations from exploding into pointless arguing. You can channel the impulsive and spontaneous energy of Aries into this physical outlet by deciding what kind of exercise you would like to participate in as each day comes, which also helps you to maintain some confidence in your intuition as you listen to what your body needs and wants.

Some important aspects to take note of include squares to the planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto which are all in Capricorn. 31st July – 10th AugustMars square Jupiter

7th August – 19th AugustMars square Pluto

16th August – 5th SeptemberMars square Saturn 

2nd October – 17th OctoberMars square Pluto

15th October – 24th