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Season Of The Witch


Your senses are much keener at this time and you can intuitively pick up subtle energies around you! You are naturally more receptive, and your self-expression can be directed towards service to others as the ego identity is not so strong right now. Spiritual concerns may claim your attention. Understanding the deeper meaning is important; therefore, it is a good time for meditation and withdrawal. Your energy levels may jump from low to high, and crash again, so make time to honor your body's needs.

Expect some intensity that will force you to face the deeper aspects of your reality. There is a lot of energetic power in the air so make the most of this time. If you are in a problematic situation it is time to repair or rectify it. Pluto energy is very strong even though it seems Mars & ego driven, it is more trans personal in nature, and is meant to shake up the situation for better. You may want to avoid areas where there is more crime this week.

We still have the Sun in Libra which is influencing us to reflect on where we have imbalances in our life. It is time to weight things out and create more of a balance in your life. You need to find your inner peace to create a more harmonious life. This is a great time for reflection, journaling, and meditation so you can acknowledge the areas you have been neglecting as well as the areas you are putting on too much focus. Libra is a meditative energy so you may be able to reach deeper states of awareness at this time.

We are also still in the energy of Mercury in Scorpio which seeks truths in all that is hidden. Your thoughts are more profound and intuitive abilities are stronger making you capable of profound insights. This is not just on a personal, but a global level. Be prepared for more shocking discoveries about the elite & political arenas. The shake up energy mentioned before is working on a global scale as well. I can't say this too often: be prepared for anything.

Personal Note from Crystal:

We are in a time of great change. Remember that if things seem to be falling apart, it is to make room for something great. Autumn is a great time to remember a couple of things:

  1. We all have colors (aspects of self) that we can't see all the time. They appear when it is time just like the leaves of the trees.

  2. It is time to let the dead leaves drop. Whatever is still holding you back from the life you want, it is time to let it go.

Utilize these energies to dig deeper into yourself so that you can make great change not only for yourself but those around you. If you are drawn to me it is because you are a way shower for those around you. Raising your energy will activate others to do the same. It does not help to sit around and wait for others to wake up. Some may, some will not. Not everyone chose the path of Ascension.

If you need help digging deeper into the aspects of You, I am here to help you! Click the image below for more info and to book Quantum Trance By Crystal (#QTbyC).

* Report by Priestess Crystal via AstroMatrix.

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