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Samhain Festivities

Before I dive into fully into this Blog, I thought I'd add a little History Lesson for all of you. Hope you enjoy😉🎃💜

"In modern Scotland, children have inherited the ancient custom of disguising themselves in costumes. These “guisers” wear masks, or blacken their faces. They carve turnips in the shape of skulls and place a candle within, creating an eerie effect. The children travel from door to door, performing or singing for their treats. When they are not rewarded for their antics, they resort to tricks.

Those with the Second Sight (Taibhsear, in Scots Gaelic) were often sought this night for traditional Halloween fortune telling. These persons were invited to gatherings to entertain guests with their arcane arts. One method was to prick an egg and let the contents drip into a glass of clear water. The Taibhsear could read the shapes, much like a crystal ball, and predict the supplicant’s future." Source:

Today is what most call "Halloween also known as The Day of The Dead" where we dress up in costumes to go "Trick or Treating".

As an adult I must confess I throughly enjoy the Spooky Festivities this calender day brings and the days leading up to it. This is an amazing way to honor my Inner-Child and give her the Creative Outlet we desired as a child but didn't have it as much as I would have liked.

Today is also a time most of us honor our Ancestors, Passed Loved Ones, Our Spirits that we work with and Ourselves as we bring in the Abundance Seeds that we've planted withinin the previous months. Some have also shared that Samhain was originally celebrated in early November not the Calender Date of October 31st-November 1st. Either way our Spirits throughly enjoy a Feast regardless of the day we choose to celebrate with them.

This weekend has brought up a lot for me in regards to how much Persecution so many of us have endured for simply living our lives, speaking our truth and going against what society deemed "Normal". There are many of us that are still carrying wounds from our past lives that are being felt among the Collective this weekend.

You see, it wasn't just our Ancestors that were beaten, drown and hung for their beliefs or false accusations, we endured this as well. Our own Soul Aspects (Past Life Aspects) were there with our Ancestors standing up for a better way of living and more understanding of Culture Beliefs. We still struggle with Divide and Seperation in today's Society but for the most part Witches are no longer being Drown and Burned at the Stake for simply creating Magical Potions or working with Herbs and Plant Life.

So as you plan your Samhain and Halloween Festivities I ask that you take some time to sit with your Soul and ask the following:

"What is it that I as a whole need to release for my Highest Good?"

Enjoy your day honoring thy Spirits. Be well, Be Safe, most of all Be Joyous and Abundant.


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