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How many of you feel like you have zero creativity? How many times have you tried to make a new plan, yet feel stuck? You KNOW you have wicked good ideas for your future, maybe your business, but when it comes to taking that new step you feel like you are buried in mud!! You feel it in your gut and lower stomach, those chords of FEAR. It paralyzes you!! DO YOU WANT TO HEAL THIS?? CUT THOSE TIES THAT BIND YOU NY WITCHES!! Join us in ~RITE OF THE WOMB~ This is NOT just for women by the way!! We ALL have an energetic Womb at Spirit or Soul level. Most of us have lived more than 1 life before this life. Any trauma that has happened in past lives and this current life is stored in the energetic Womb. If this womb space is blocked or heavy with past trauma it blocks YOU from being the CREATOR THAT YOU ARE!!! As a Keeper of the 13th Munay Ki I can perform the Rite of the Womb to help you, help yourself! This is for YOU TO TAKE YOUR POWER BACK!!!!! For more info on the Rite of the Womb click here: I am offering this Rite during the Dark Moon on Friday. ONLY 5 SPACES ARE OPEN!!! Click the link and under Spellwork to BOOK NOW:

-Crystal Realm

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