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This may be a time of challenge or crisis where people's actions make you feel unworthy. Be careful not to react in anger and realize this is a point to understand the motivations of others, and whether your own motivations are true. Remember to be open minded and be careful of not being arrogant or domineering. Handle your resources intelligently and you should have a positive experience for potential future growth.

Although there are challenging energies at play, your ego will be more subdued then these past few weeks. You will have greater sensitivity to the world around you and be more perceptive to your friends and loved ones needs. Group activities that can help others such as meditation groups will benefit you now. It is a good time to do less and think more. Mercury Rx energy is still going on so it is a optimal time to reflect on your life and note areas where you may be lacking. The insights you receive by doing this could change your life for the better. Physical energy will be lower than usual so take extra care of your body.


With the Sun entering Pisces on Feb 18, we are more empathetic, sensitive, impressionable, warm, and loving. Personal ego drives are lessened and we become more selfless. Our imagination becomes more emphasized and you can see the poetry of life and the beauty in your surroundings. More optimistic and dreamy, we can become more introverted and spend more time reflecting and processing our current situation in life. We tend to go with the flow which is good for people who are controlling or obsessive with goals and desires. It can be more negative for those who tend to have issues standing up for their values or are lazy to make changes in life. A strong sense of service and compassion is emphasized. As a whole we are more intuitive and sentimental, so use your imagination practically and realistically, rather than live in a make-believe world. Don't lose hold on practical matters.

Personal Note from Crystal:

Although there is not as much as far as astrological transit info this week, I urge you to be prepared to ride the waves. We are in challenging times with all happening here in USA and other countries with heightened political climate and heightened emotions. There are massive energies coming into earth and the Schumann Resonance (it measures earth frequencies) is higher than ever. This can cause many physical symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, nausea, or the opposite, almost manic energy spikes. It is important to honor the needs of your body over what others have to say. Remember your Soul is pushing you to what you need so listen to that.

If you need help riding these waves please contact me or click HERE to check out our Services!

*Report compiled by Crystal via AstroMatrix.

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