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Ready to Harvest?

🍁 The time for Harvest is approaching! 🍁 ☆ MABON IS HERE ☆ So... What seeds have you planted that you would like to see their bounty? What areas can you focus on when the dark period of the year returns? Would you like your psychic ability to open? These are the areas that can be helped with a MABON RITUAL! ☆WHAT IS MABON?☆ Mabon is a Harvest Festival or Ritual which is celebrated at Autumn Equinox- when the day is equally half light and half dark. It means the darkness of winter is coming soon. It is a time to reap what you sow, and give thanks to the Earth, your Guides, and Ancestors. Crystal, Athena, and the H's will be hosting a Mabon Ritual on Saturday, September 21. Your Offering to be included in this Ritual will include a piece of Crystal Realm Ritual Art shipped to you. The art will ONLY BE AVAILABLE TO THOSE WHO JOIN!! It will NOT be sold in the Coven 88 store. THIS RITUAL IS LIMITED TO 5 PARTICIPANTS!! So do not delay! Click the link and look under SPELLWORK to BOOK NOW:

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