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You will be very energetic, and you can assert your will power. You may however be tested and forced to show the truth in what you are doing. Your success depends on how well you can assert yourself so be careful not to become too wrapped up in your own beliefs. It is good to stand up for yourself or you will be more inclined to anger and frustration. If you manage to stick to your guns your efforts will bear fruit later in the year and if you do not, then you may find failure instead.

You need to proceed with some caution now as you will have a great amount of enthusiasm and energy but are liable to make some bad decisions as you are too quick to act. Make sure to stand back and plan your actions. Avoid being too impulsive or you may get burned. Taking risks at this time could lead to some accidents so avoid overly dangerous activities or trying too hard and over stretching your limitations. Your ego energies are running high and this time could test your own ego flaws and where you lack foresight and consideration for others. If you are finding this time troubling, then it is good to look at how badly are your actions affecting others.

You will be trying to assert your own individuality because of your strong desire nature. You may end up with a conflict within your personal relationships if there is not a balance between your own needs and that of your partner. It is a good time to discuss these issues if they arise otherwise you may finish feeling upset and frustrated. If your relationship is going well, you should be able to express yourself freely and easily. Your sexuality will be aroused, and your higher level of energy can be utilized well in this context. It is a good time to be creative and artistic so try to do something that involves physical effort otherwise you may end up feeling restless.

You may be acting very egotistically now, and this could offend other people, you are also more sensitive to being offended yourself. You have a lot of energy for mental effort but may get easily discouraged if things do not go your way. It’s best to put as much effort in as possible and try not to get too irritated or frustrated just keep going. Avoid picking fights with people or reacting to others if they are trying to provoke you, they are just trying to throw you off your high horse. If you are accident prone be careful of traveling, handling machinery or any activity involving your hands or feet.

By the end of the week, youu may be feeling cautious and reserved and you want to spend your time evaluating your relationships and determining how situations can be improved. Be careful of strong negative emotions such as depression and loneliness. These emotions may be quite strong and misguided, do not expect too much from your loved ones they are only human. You may be tied to your obligations and duties so it’s best to stick to them even if things are feeling overwhelming and negative.


The reverse of the Ten of Swords embodies aspects of pain. Instead of learning the lessons from the hardship and transitioning out of it, you continue repeating the cycles of hardship. This is done by ignoring the valuable information that should have been realized by such an extreme situation. Pain and depression may linger, creating a sense of stagnation and torture.

To turn this card upright you must identify where the pain is coming from, and why. Are you inflicting this pain on yourself? Seek love and support from your environment by reaching out, and accept any help that is offered. You CAN bring a resolution to the feelings inside you. Release the anger and pain so that you can move forward in love. You have to acknowledge the darkness inside of you, that rage and anger are within you, and address it with care, so you can move forward.

If you need help getting to the root of what is going on with you, please contact Crystal and schedule a Quantum Trance session. This gives you a safe space to observe the "who, what, when, where, and why" at the root of these intense emotions. Then you can get the info you need to also release it. Click the image to Book your session.

The energies have been extremely exhausting and heavy lately. The Reiki Violet Flame can assist with clearing out all the energetic debris from your Chakras and Aura. When your Energetic Bodies are clogged up with dirt, grime and black film it can affect your physical body as well as emotional painbody. Click the image to Book Reiki Violet Flame Activation.

  • Report by Crystal via AstroMatrix & Patch Tarot.

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