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Love or War?

Venus is busy this week so even if you are still in the midst of some struggles, your optimism should be on the rise. This will help you be eager to accomplish tasks. You may also feel more sociable, and more loving towards others in general. Venus moved into Leo in the beginning of September emphasizing the need for more affection and emotional connection. However do not use this as an excuse to be needy or just go looking for casual sex. Do not try to use this to fill a void. If you crave the need to be loved and admired, start by doing that for yourself. If you are in a loving relationship remember not to be too demanding on your partner. Take the time to appreciate yourself and bring self-love rituals into your life.

The Sun in Libra influences us to reflect on where we have imbalances in our life. Venus will highlight this in areas of love, self-love and/or love for others. Libra is all about balancing the scales, so you need to balance your need for self-love, and your love for your partner/family/friends. Your love for others cannot lead to neglect of yourself. Remember the phrase "you can't pour from an empty cup"!

As you read about the Full Moon in Aries below, you we see why it is more important than ever to perform acts of self-love. This raises your vibration and helps spread the vibration of love to those around you. This is how you help usher in a new era on Earth.


Mercury in Scorpio seeks truths in all that is hidden and undercover. We tend to probe, observe, and focus our thoughts under this influence. Looking for motivations–the more deeply buried the better–satisfies an intellectual need now.

Our thoughts are more profound. It can give you an active, witty, perceptive, resourceful, determined, positive and inventive mind, capable of great mental concentration. Scorpio is extremely sharp, profound, and analytical. Thinking is inclined to be one-track minded, focused, and even obsessive. You may act direct and to the point so be careful not to be insensitive or offensive.

Our intuitive ability is stronger in Scorpio and you are capable of profound insights into the real nature of people and events. Occasionally, the mind can be dominated by strong emotional desires that can overrule your thinking. You enjoy mystery and uncovering the stark truth in all situations.


On October 1, 2020, the first of two Full Moons for the month, occurs at 9° of Aries, opposing the Sun at 9° of Libra. The Moon rules our emotions, and this Full lunation represents a culmination of a cycle. Information that has been hidden is now illuminated, bringing to light the parts of ourselves we were previously unaware of. Empowerment can be found by now placing more focus on ourselves if we have been lacking self-care, or choosing to concentrate our focus on others if we have been operating from a place of self-centered ego.

Aries is the Cardinal, first sign of the Zodiac, ruling the first house of “I Am”. We may feel extra energized and driven to end or begin something that we have been focusing on in our lives. Under the influence of this fiery Full Moon, agitated action is amplified and emotions have the possibility of becoming explosive. Remaining mindful of this energy offers help in embracing our personal power without abusing it, and aids in avoiding magnification of any existing problems. The need to forge ahead can fill us with angst now. It is a time to decide exactly what we want, and make a conscious effort to move ahead at a healthy pace.

Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, is in a powerful position, currently retrograding through his home sign. Mars represents the Divine Masculine, is known as the planet of war, and his energy is extra intensified during retrograde, due to his closer proximity to the Earth. Mars in Aries currently shares the company of Black Moon Lilith, the powerful Dark Feminine, as well as Chiron, which represents The Wounded Healer. Black Moon Lilith is impulsive in Aries, moving with blind force, desiring to create her own way, often with devastating results. Chiron represents the wounded self in Aries, causing us to question who we are. By choosing to operate in the higher vibration of these energies, we can turn any doubt of our rights to exist in society, embrace self-development, and forge the way, emerging as a new strong leader.

Uranus, the rebellious planet of sudden innovation, is at 9° of Taurus, and will be in an exact inconjunct to the Sun at 9° of Libra. This aspect stimulates the process of awakening the need for revolution in pursuit of collective justice. This aspect, along with Mars square the Capricorn stellium, has the potential to play out in the form of Civil unrest. A time where we move from wanting our rights of equality to recognized, to a place of demanding it.

The Aries Full Moon will be in a T-square to Pluto in Capricorn at 22°, and it’s own North Node in Gemini at 22°. Meaning, this is occurring in a square aspect to the crumbling past represented by Capricorn, and also in a square to our future trajectory, represented by Gemini. We are at a fork in the road, with two timelines to choose from. If we consciously choose to release the past in order to create a new future, it is imperative to become clear on where and how we operate in our personal power. To ask ourselves where we are placing our focus, our energy, and our inner light under this influence of our luminaries.

Note from Crystal

We are at a precipice. Many of us have seen and felt for a while now that there are 2 possible timelines emerging: 1 leads to a new way of being centered in true heart space love and higher vibrations. The other leads to war. We, all of us, have the power to shift out of the old paradigm of war and into a new Earth. This is why so many are having spiritual awakenings, and going through deeper levels of healing. All the blocks to a higher vibration are being pushed to the surface to be healed. There is a minority group anchoring higher vibrational energies for the collective as many are not able to hold that vibration at this time. All these energy shifts can be mentally confusing and physically draining. It is ok to take breaks. It is ok to rest. It is ok to feel how you feel. It is ok to ask for help if you need it.

Click the image below if you would like to go deeper into your healing, or expand your consciousness.

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