Look Below The Surface -New Moon in Aries

You may feel unlucky now and it may seem depressing and restrictive. You have barriers holding you back and from being yourself. It is not the others who are holding you back, you are holding yourself back. Be careful of projecting negativity. Your energies are low you may have problems, but the situation will improve quickly so have patience.

Now you will be very prone to impulsive and rash actions which could create conflict with others and cause your problems in the future. Your ego is very strong, and you want to assert your desires onto others. It is a good time to get a lot of work done as your energy level is very high you just need to be more disciplined when you are dealing with others. Try compromise and control your impulsive reactions, if you are finding this time particularly difficult it is good to think about what parts of your ego need refinement such as your pride or sense of worth and your ability to make an impression on others.

It is a good time for creative activity and your personal relationships. There is a perfect balance between your needs and desires. You can express yourself well but in general this time is more based around physical than emotional energy. A purely romantic relationship will not suffice. You should utilize the physical energy the best way possible otherwise you may end up feeling frustration or angst. This time provides ample energy for creative work.

You will have the energy to get ahead in all the ways you desire if you are disciplined and avoid too much excess. You may try to take on more than you can handle or stretch yourself too far. You may be in a conflict with others right now. Try to be more compassionate and you can accomplish great things.

!!Penetrate below the surface layer of reality to find the real meaning of what is happening in your life right now!!

New Moon in Aries

The Aries New Moon on March 24th at 4° brings a direct, uncomplicated focus to affairs, helping us to move ahead in straight lines. This can be a great boon in many areas of life, but particularly with a situation that has previously felt stuck or too complex. It may be the case that we are motivated to take up fresh activity in an area that has been dormant or lacking in solutions.