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Mercury enters Sagittarius. You may have intense emotional experiences especially if love is involved, it may even be life altering. You may need to compromise more in your relationships otherwise you will have problems later. You will not be feeling stable and are occasionally overbearing. Try not to be too controlling as this could create conflict.

Your awareness will be stimulated often in ways that are hard to understand. Your sensitivity is heightened, and your intuition is working better than usual. It is a good time to help people in any way you can. You will have a deeper interest in spiritual activities or rituals that will make you feel more whole. You are acting less superficial and your ego denying qualities enable you to identify with others. You may feel the need to daydream but do not avoid the reality. It is a good time for quiet contemplation, and you would get the most benefit from meditation at this time as trying to get to the root of a problem will be easier.

Your energy level may get very high. Don’t just lie about as this energy is begging to be utilized. You may not show emotions you are feeling this week but don't hold them in. Suppressing your emotions may bite you later. Also beware of compulsive behavior this week.

Report compiled by Crystal Realm via AstroMatrix.

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