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This week is great for Business!! Work that requires mental effort will be on your side. If you are a type of teacher or mentor to others, this is the time to focus on your work. Try not to isolate yourself in the process though or you will feel down.


The Aries Moon emphasises the need for a fresh start, despite concerns of repeating old patterns may be feared. Fear often fuels a negative fantasy about what might happen even if it all seems real enough in the imagination but it is in essence, just a mental projection. Moon trine Jupiter bring optimism and open-mindedness makes it easier to gain conscious awareness of your intense emotions and share them with loved ones. Any relationship crisis caused by the full moon square Pluto can be turned into an opportunity to transform and evolve. Bad habits or behaviors can also be eliminated from your subconscious through the positive transformation of your emotions. Jupiter in Sagittarius’s close trine to the Moon also underlines the cleansing power of fire. As Jupiter is the planet of truth, the deeper cosmic message may be that the past does not automatically have to repeat itself. We may support this process by finding new ways to clear out memories of old experiences, particularly any that were once painful or otherwise troublesome. None of this will necessarily prevent arguments over what we should actually do, though, as indicated by the Full Moon’s square to the Capricorn planets. We may have to weather more storms, particularly where male energy and traditional (Capricorn) ideas are pitted against feminine sensibility and innovation. Since Neptune sextiles Saturn, there may be a blurring of boundaries in an attempt to cover something up, or maybe it’s just a manifestation of perceptions changing. The October 13th full moon certainly has its challenges because of Moon square Pluto but overall, it can be a powerful full moon. The trine to Jupiter is the most fortunate of aspects, so while relationship and other crises are possible, there will be plenty of opportunities to make progress and resolve problems once and for all.

Your intellect and communication are more up tempo and that makes your interactions interesting and stimulating but may end up making your mind too scattered. Your intuition is working better than usual so it’s a good time to think up new and inventive ideas. It is good time to experiment, and if that makes nervous and overwhelmed try some meditation, get in nature, or work with your hands.

Remember Venus is in Scorpio until Nov 1, making connections more Intense!

Report by Crystal Realm via AstroMatrix

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