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I SEE YOU WITCHES. You don't look like an Instagram witch. You don't have an antique gothic altar space. You don't have a fancy robe. You don't wave a 24k gold wand. You don't own a Victorian era outfit to pose in a forest with a cat surrounded by 10k worth of gemstones and a Viking band playing around you. You do have Power IN You. You FEEL it. But you don't show it. You minimize yourself because you were taught that power is bad or negative. People programmed you to believe that Power comes from a bad place. Guess what? PEOPLE ARE WRONG. Because people are not YOU. They don't have that FIRE you have. IT IS TIME TO EMBRACE THE FLAMES!! BE THE PHOENIX AND RISE WITCH!!! You have a HOME here. Coven 88 it not only about sales. We Embrace You Witch!! We Embrace You Draconians!! We Embrace YOU, the ones on a path that no one understands. The ones who truly work with and bond with Spirits, and have intimate experiences with them. YES, YOU. You have a home here. -Crystal, Creator of Coven 88

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