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A Bit On Our Unique Partnership.

(Photo Credit Mudgett family photo of Clara Lovering on the left. Graduation photo of Herman Mudgett on right.)

The spirit of Herman showed up in my life over 4 years ago, and it has not been an easy road to get to where I am now. However, along this journey, I have had many people placed in my life that have shown me information that were key pieces to this puzzle. The information I am revealing today was a huge turning point for me allowing me to see a larger picture of why Herman is in my life. I was very guarded and silent with the public about the role Herman had with me until this point. The Lionsgate Portal is considered a gateway into the heavens and into higher realms of consciousness. During this time, higher frequency energies from the star Sirius are beamed down onto Earth, to help advance humanity and raise the consciousness of the planet. The Lionsgate Portal is activated every year on August 8th when the Sun, Sirius, and the Earth move to specific points in the sky. This is important because it is directly related to the work I do with Herman. We are a cosmic team that help others with their own ascension process, and I have astrology to thank for the nudge. It was during Lions Gate that I realized my past life as Clara Lovering Mudgett. One of the people placed in my life that revealed information to me about this connection is Lisa Renee of GingerMysteries. She approached me about doing a natal chart for Herman and I was excited to see it. Any time I have information to confirm what I see in spirit is always a blessing. However, she did more than just a natal chart. She also created a composite chart for Herman, and me. I was shocked, I never asked for this. It was a huge eye opener for me. The following information is taken from Lisa’s composite and natal charts on myself and Herman. From Herman’s natal chart: “Chiron is considered the “cutting/leading planet" on Herman's chart since it leads the energy of the bowl. Chiron represents both deep spiritual wounds and the ability to heal those wounds. Chiron in Pisces indicates a crisis in connecting with universal oneness. It is best to keep in mind with this placement that no force in the universe is good or bad, it is only how the force is used and manipulated by the ego once it is brought into material form. Those born with this placement will be the guides who will help humanity synchronize its energy to a higher vibration instead of bringing destruction into manifestation. As such, nothing gets attention more than fear and horror and Herman is a master of using the dark as a means of learning. However, Chiron in Pisces also represents strong alchemical wisdom and compassion. Herman may teach others even if it is regarding a spiritual lesson that he does not necessarily excel at himself as an incarnated being. Chiron square Venus indicates a tendency for Herman to go from one emotional high to another. This placement also indicates heavy duty past life karmic pressure. Chiron in opposition to Saturn indicates Herman is compulsively controlling and overly organized. Chiron trine Mars indicates Herman uses ultra-aggression as a mask for his feelings of inadequacy and behaves passively to conceal inner rage and hostility. He has a superb and aggressive intuition always seeming to anticipate the right moment to take advantage of a situation. He seems to get all the breaks, often having luck on his side. Saturn opposite Chiron is an aspect that tends to make or break people and in Herman's case would allow him to act as the catalyst to break down known and stagnant structures. Uranus square Chiron produces a desperation and conflict in Herman's personality - an insatiable drive to transform. Herman cannot be stopped if he believes in something as he is intensely driven to get to the truth and meaning of any situation but is also calmed by work and teaching.” From the composite chart on me and Herman: “You can be a source of vision and development not only for yourselves but for the world at large. Black Moon Lilith in Gemini sextile to Uranus favors mental reverie and the unusual with the drive to engage in projects that are progressive, scientific, or utilitarian just do not over extend yourselves. Neptune in Aquarius indicates you dream beautiful dreams of saving the world. Neptune square Chiron indicates that no matter what you do, life will always be mystical and healing. You can never be just ordinary and your gifts to humanity are great. The body cannot handle the force of this energy unless it is channeled by means of higher consciousness into serving others. Both Crystal and Herman have starseed markings in their natal chart. Starseeds are evolved beings from another planet or star system, whose specific missions are to assist this planet and its people. Once activated and released from the human veil of forgetfulness, starseeds transmute in a few years the limiting behavioral patterns and fears that others might take many lifetimes to accomplish. Unactivated starseeds turn to dark agendas. In Herman’s case, there feels to have been an interference that prevented him from being activated, thus he used his inherent intense power for malevolent purposes rather than for the benevolent ones for which he incarnated.”

You can see from this information that there is much more going on here than just me communicating with a spirit. This is a deep connection that goes beyond my current life and his past life. We are souls who entered into a partnership to help not only each other evolve, but other souls as well. I do not know many people who are involved in this level of work. It can be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually exhausting. However, the rewards are well worth the sacrifices. I do not like to use this term because it is muddy with false information, however for this purpose, you can say Herman and I are in Divine Union, or what is called Twin Flames. Because of this work Herman and I can help other people, and this is the motivation behind me writing a book, or creating a digital story format. *Content of Crystal Taylor, Crystal Realm, and Coven 88. You may not copy or use without written permission.

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