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Gemini Rules

Your mind may be confused and unclear. It is because you are noticing more subconscious elements of your psyche that you would not filter out. It will be difficult to remain disciplined and communications will be hard. Try not to do anything too important today you may make bad decisions.

You are concerned with the deeper aspects of life and it is a good time to find out what is going on inside yourself via meditation or reflection. It is a good time to learn new things as they can transform the way you think. The communications with others will be deep and profound.

You may end up in conflicts with others now, especially if you have wronged them in the recent past. If you are feeling irritable or frustrated it may indicate that you have failed to make needed actions in your life. These actions revolve around the areas where you may feel disappointed such as your work or love life. This can be a positive time if you have done things right and you may be celebrating your achievements. Don’t rest on your laurels however, you need to continue your efforts to ensure sustained success.

You may encounter powerful forces that you may have trouble controlling. This can be external or internal and it is trying to get you to reform your behavior. It is time to let go of the old habits that cause you problems and when doing so try not just dig yourself a bigger hole. Things may malfunction so just be weary that all may not go to the plan and you may have to spend time fixing those little issues you have been avoiding.


With the Sun now in Gemini we readily adapt to change. This can be a strength for survival but also a weakness because it makes you more vulnerable to the demands and influence of other people. The Twins are the astrological symbol of Gemini. Adopting a twin-like similarity to other people is easy for Geminis. Knowledge and diversity motivate us with the Sun in Gemini. We are more sociable, intellectual, and insatiably curious under this influence. We tend to scatter our energies as a result of this curiosity and awareness of all of our options. We are more communicative and versatile, but we can also be unreliable. Mercury, planet of the intellect (and communication in general) rules the sign Gemini. As Mercury is closely following the Sun right now in a close conjunction, the curious and talkative energy will be stronger than usual. The Sun makes its Ingress into the sign of Gemini on May 20, 2020, and will remain there until June 20, 2020. This is a shift from feminine (yin) energy to masculine (yang) energy. The Sun will be joining Mercury, the North Node, and a Venus retrograde in the Air sign of Gemini. Two days after the Sun’s arrival there will be a New Moon with the Sun and Moon at 2 degrees of Gemini and Venus retrograde meets Mercury at 20 degrees of the sign. These combined aspects are like fireworks in the brain. The Gemini New Moon also makes a very positive sextile to Chiron and Black Moon Lillith in Aries. This is the ability to intellectually break through mental blocks to progress.


The Gemini New Moon on May 22nd helps us to make greater progress by working on more than one option at a time. This could be confusing and tiring, though, and might require concentration and patience. Besides, whilst one person may be strongly motivated, another person may be less willing to move ahead. Perhaps we need to allow others to catch up or wait until everyone gets on the same page.

Report by Crystal Taylor via AstroMatrix.

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