You might be feeling cautious because it is hard to see the big picture at this time. Maintain a positive attitude and you can have great intellectual precision. This is a good time for planning details for that project you are working on. Your attention may move into your duties and responsibilities. This is a great time to organize and plan. If your energy if feeling low, this may make it harder to relate to other people. Don't dwell on feelings of loneliness or depression. Focus on your work as this is more important now. However, this does not mean to ignore your feelings. Take time for you to have self-care and release these emotions in a healthy way. Just don't get stuck in them and stay there.

Venus energy may have you daydreaming, and can be quite pleasant or even feel romantic. It can also manifest itself as artistic expression. For some this time could signify a breakup, or end to a relationship. Remember all endings are for your best outcome, and open the door to new beginnings.

Towards the end of the week your energy may feel lower and you may be lethargic. Take things easy if you can. You may be moody or irritable, or feel down and out, and not feeling confident. Your head will not be so clear so avoid making rash or impulsive decisions. There is an energy of deceit in the air so be careful with making decisions regarding other people. Keep things simple. There is a big possibility that people will be confused or misunderstand what you are trying to say. Don't hold back any information or keep secrets, be clear and factual.