Focus on Your Inner Work

This is a good week to be working alone for your own benefit. Strive to be yourself, regardless of what anyone else thinks. It is time to know you, who you really are. Your mind will not be relaxed this week so it is a good time to for concentration on projects, and attention to details.

Your interest in sex may be heightened right now and this energy may cause issues if you are not in a healthy relationship. Unexpressed sexual energy can arise in the form of arguments. Try to be compromising this week and also be aware that some relationships are not meant to last.

We are in the final days of Mars Retrograde in Aries so remember that anger and aggression has been boiling within some people, and whether they released this in a healthy manner or not will determine how they will interact at this time. I wrote back in September that it would be necessary to redirect this energy to overcome anger so do not be surprised if you have to deflect more projections in the coming days.

There may be surprises awaiting you this week, and you may find you are more in tune with your inner self. Daily life routines may not satisfy you, and you may be a bit irrational. Try to be flexible when things do not go as planned as it will be exciting and different. You will find yourself striking out against any restrictions you can no longer bear.

Venus Conjunct Natal Pluto may have you wanting to escape reality through love, and this can create problems. If there are buried feelings of insecurity, jealousy, or possessiveness towards your loved ones, then there may be some friction. Powerful subconscious drives are at work at this time so beware of entering new relationships, and be aware of underlying currents at play. Avoid using manipulation or deception to gain your desires as it will surely backfire on you.

We entered Venus in Libra last week so you are seeing any love wounds that need healing. Let go of the idea that you are only loved of others love you and learn to love yourself. Love yourself so deeply that there is no void to fill. Also be aware as the Sun entered Scorpio last some will present themselves as jealous, manipulative, and vindictive. Step away from these situations and remember to get into your Higher Consciousness so that you make decisions for your highest good, and not from emotional reactions.