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Finish What You Started 

This maybe a time of challenge or crisis where peoples’ actions make you feel unworthy. Be careful not to get angry and realize this is a point to understand the motivations of others and whether your own motivations are true.

New Moon in Sagittarius Nov 26th

The New Moon on Tuesday, November 26, 2019, at 4° Sagittarius brings chaotic change and rebellion. This is directly linked to Mars opposite Uranus which can bring irritation, hostility or unexpected change. Anger can easily boil over into rash actions and temper tantrums. Impulsiveness and disregard of tradition could lead to rebellion, breaking free from responsibilities and obligations. The Sagittarius New Moon is next to warrior asteroid Pallas, emphasising the benefits of strategy and wisdom in our worldly dealings. Sagittarius has much wisdom to draw upon, whether from academic and professional sources or from so-called “university of life” experiences.

If you resist change, become arrogant or disruptive, you may suffer loss or miss out on opportunities. Being stubborn or overreacting would also damage your standing and prospects. You don’t need to totally change direction but rather make minor changes or alterations. Do not go too far or be too daring. Otherwise, you may have to start all over again. This is the last new moon of the current eclipse cycle which began with the July 2 solar eclipse. This means this New Moon is the last chance to act on the goals you set back then, and complete what you have been working towards in the last 6 months.

We also have the Sun now in Sagittarius

With the Sun in Sagittarius, our focus shifts from the need for an intimate connection with a person and with ourselves, to the desire to reach out to the world and connect with something larger than ourselves. You may have more energy and self-confidence, be more honest and straightforward, outgoing, idealistic and scrupulously fair. Your vigor of personality is ideally suited to sport and outdoor games of all kinds. While the Sun moves through this fiery, mutable sign, we can take steps to increase our understanding and awareness of the world around us. We are more able to muster up the courage to expand our horizons and branch out into new ways of thinking. We can gain more confidence and optimism by focusing on the “big picture” as we move away from our focus on the details of mundane existence. Although we may be prone to overdoing our expectations, we have the opportunity to nurture our faith, hope, and vision under this influence. There is a great love of travel and the open-air. Your tolerant, philosophical, generous and open-hearted outlook ensure your way in life is much eased by the welcome you receive from others.

On the negative side, you may be irresponsibly boisterous, careless and capricious, with a tendency to jump to conclusions easily.

Use this energy fiery sun sign energy and channel it into completing what you need to manifest what you desire. The closing of this year approaching is showing us that although we do create our reality, it will take physical action to manifest the new reality we are working towards. You will have to get up and do the work. The Universe supports all your needs, but no one is coming to save you.

Report compiled by Crystal Realm via AstroMatrix.

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