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Featured Goddess

Please welcome Coven 88's first Featured Goddess-Our dear friend and supporter, Danni! We are featuring Danni today, on Freya Day because Danni embodies the Goddess and Venus energies. She is Sensual, Beautiful and Fierce as Fuck! The Planet of the Day we are honoring is "Venus" Collective Card of the Day is the "Empress" also linked to "Venus" Energy. Chakra linked to the Planet Venus is the Heart Chakra. Attributes of the 4th Chakra-"I Accept" The Day of the Week associated with the Planet Venus is "Friday". Friday is also known as "Freyja Day" happily named after the Norse Goddess Freyja who is also associated with femininity, love, beauty, sex, fertility, and gold. Attributes of Venus are: Love, Beauty, Sensuality, Sex, Harmony and Friendship. Zodiac Signs associated with "Friday" are Taurus & Libra Elements of Venus are Water & Earth Gemstones are Emerald and Amber Color associated with Venus Energy is "Green" Mythological Creature is the "Mermaid" Incense & Compounds that can be used to amplify this energy are Rose, Jasmine, Red Coral and Musk Oil.

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