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Things may be quite disruptive now as you are liable to sudden upsets or you may upset others. You may not follow your normal routine. Relationships may be difficult, and you may also have ego conflict. You may discover an aspect of yourself that you never knew existed! Do not expect to be able to contend with the everyday grid with discipline and patience.

Be careful not to let your actions be dictated by subconscious energies. Your energy levels may be too high so watch for irritability or impatience. Frustration can lead to illness if the energy turns inward. If used consciously, this energy is positive and allows you to accomplish good work.

You may feel unlucky now and it may seem depressing and restrictive. You have barriers holding you back and from being yourself. It is not the others who are holding you back, you are holding yourself back. Be careful of projecting negativity. Your energies may drop low and you may have problems, but the situation will improve quickly so have patience.

Try to keep an open mind and avoid obsessive thoughts. You may be preoccupied with things that are not of importance. Watch what you say to others and avoid forcing your point of view. It is good to try and be introspective then you may end up having greater awareness.

It is time to try to understand your deeper motivations. Think about areas in your life you want to change. Spiritual concerns may claim your attention and understanding the deeper meaning is important therefore it is a good time for meditation and withdrawal. Use the time to make your life evolve and grow.

Report by Crystal Realm via AstroMatrix.

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