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DEEP Communication

With Mercury in Taurus we will start being less impulsive and indecisive with our thought processes. When Mercury is in Taurus, our thinking is down to earth, solid, and grounded.  You should be more diligent and have more determination and endurance of mind. We communicate more deliberately under this influence, and our minds are oriented to the world of the five senses. You may feel more sociable, friendly, and affectionate however you may can be stubborn and irritable when others do not agree with your point of view. You will be inclined to use your mental qualities to secure practical, material or financial results. Try to keep an open mind as your perspectives and opinions may be quite rigid. Also watch out for laziness and over indulgence.

This is a time of confusion especially when dealing with your relationships. You may have trouble asserting yourself and may end up surrendering your power to others. Avoid playing the victim role so put off any confrontations. Your feelings could be quite strong and deep and possibly causing you to make bad decisions. Be wary that it is not a good time to make any deep commitments to others.

It is a time of intense mental activity and your communications should have a deep and profound quality. It is good time to research or solving mysteries. Be careful what you say about others, you may have less regard for other people’s feelings.

Tarot theme for the week - Three of Wands - Purpose

If you feel like your will has been tested lately, there is an end in sight! It is no longer just a manifestation of your will, but your will reaching a purpose. This is still a pathway that you must move through, and the Three of Wands card is here to confirm you now will know where you are going. You are moving forward!

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Report by Crystal Taylor via AstroMatrix.

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