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The Polarity Timelines on this planet are showing a divide. There are 2 different reactions to these energies:

Group A-

Your energy level is very high, and you can take the initiative to start new projects or make good progress on existing ones. You can work with others, but you are better off working by yourself as you know exactly what you want and how to accomplish it without help. You should also be very confident, and you can impress people especially with business negotiations, meetings or debates. Don’t just lie about as this energy is begging to be utilized.

Group B-

You need to maintain great patience during this time, you will be feeling very angry and frustrated that things are not going your way. You may feel a sense of inadequacy about yourself which could come out in ego conflicts or explosive outburst. It is a good time to reflect on who or what is triggering your buttons. You may feel lonely or isolated or have people initiate verbal attacks on you for no reason, avoid standing up to these criticisms and try to maintain a calm energy if you can. Just stick to your guns and work on what you must do and try to see where you are being affected most emotionally there will better times to resolve these problems.

Those who have not done much if their inner work will have more ego conflict as described in Group B. You may feel unlucky now and it may seem depressing and restrictive. You have barriers holding you back and from being yourself. It is not the others who are holding you back, you are holding yourself back. Be careful of projecting negativity. Your energies are low you may have problems, but the situation will improve quickly so have patience.

Everyone needs to remember it is a time of change, and you should avoid making plans as unexpected events may happen out of the blue. The daily grind is not satisfying you and you have the chance to break out of your routine, you could have great insight and learn new ways of seeing the world. If other people are trying to hold you back, do not listen as it is important to assert your individuality. Taking risks will make you feel more alive and you can do some extraordinary things that you would normally be fearful of. It is a great time of personal growth and self-discovery.

It could be a time of severe power struggles and arguments. Your ambitious nature will be strong, and you want to make progress, but you must be careful not to abuse your power to get ahead. Your energy levels are very high, and you can achieve great things without manipulation. As power play is a dominant theme now avoid playing the victim’s role and if you have that tendency, avoid bad neighborhoods or areas where violence can occur. Challenges will be met with your work colleagues and it is important to stand your ground but avoid being ruthless or domineering in your relationships.

This is a time of confusion especially when dealing with your relationships. You may have trouble asserting yourself and may end up surrendering your power to others. Avoid playing the victim role so put off any confrontations. Your feelings could be quite strong and deep and possibly causing you to make bad decisions. Be wary that it is not a good time to make any deep commitments to others.


June 4

The eclipse of the Moon in Sagittarius this month is the first of three consecutive eclipses ushering us into the heart of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. It is unusual to experience a trio of eclipses; we more often see them arrive in pairs. This adds a greater importance to their general effect over course of the next few months.

Sagittarius is often associated with expansive thinking and bigger plans, some of which may now seem obscured by seemingly smaller issues that just won’t go away during this period. The Moon’s opposition to the Sun Venus conjunction in Gemini emphasises that flexibility is the key to having harmonious relationships, compromise with others, and keep positive in order to move forward.

Be aware that Venus is still in Retrograde motion and squaring Mars. This will bring tense energy affecting your relationships creating conflict. Any issues or problems you face in will be brought to the surface, try not to act to implusively and think before you talk.

Its time to step up communication skills, whether that means being a better listener and really understanding someone’s values and concerns or being able to put a clearer and louder voice to your own needs. With Venus, some diplomacy is often required, and we will need to carefully judge what makes the best sense in any situation. With the Lunar Eclipse square to Mars you may see your feelings start to reach boiling point.

The Moon in fiery Sagittarius can act like a wild untamed horse in this position. Emotions may be overwhelming at this time so be sure you use any excessive energy proactively through exercise, spending time outdoors or being more creative.

By the end of week you may feel very discouraged, negative or unpleasant. It is a time to reflect on your past actions and how they have affected your life to this point. You may even have to deal with these issues as you will be forced to confront people that your actions have affected. You could be more prone to deceit or taking dishonest actions, but these actions will only end up causing more pain in the future. Try to avoid confrontations as it will be difficult to settle your problems now. If you can conserve your energies and confront your fears, you will accomplish a lot.

It is time to try to understand your deeper motivations. Think about areas in your life you want to change as you know it is the time of manifestation! Make that impression you have been wanting to, your energy levels are strong today you can exert yourself without exhaustion. Use the time to make your life evolve and grow.

Tarot Theme- Ace of Swords - Raw Power

Your thoughts are POWERFUL, and your ability to create with your thoughts is only limited by your imagination! So what are you thinking of? Where are you focusing your attention? Be MINDful, not mindFULL. In all the chaos surrounding you, your mind can be your Peace. It is possible to be the calm in the storm. So be aware of your thoughts.


A special note to the Witches:

Hexing is not the answer. That is an easy route to take in the midst of this storm. Do not emotionally react. Do not spread more fear, pain, & low vibrations when you yourself are not wanting to be in those lower vibrations. Use your intellect combined with your heart. Speak to Gaia! She repeats this message: if you want to help me, help the earth, first help yourself. Heal yourself. Your healing heals her. It is time to step UP.

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  • Report by Crystal Taylor via AstroMatrix & Patch Tarot.

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