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Black Moon & Lions Gate Portal

Entering New Moon in Leo & Lions Gate Portal

Expect The Unexpected

The Black Moon on Wednesday, July 31, 2019, at 8 degrees Leo highlights the challenging planetary aspect of Moon square Uranus. It brings unexpected change, uncertainty, anxiety and tension. This can lead to unpredictable behavior or rebelliousness. The best way to handle this impulsive energy is to be proactive about positive change with open-mindedness and flexibility. Many of us now may feel the passion to start anew, ready to breathe new life into projects, ventures, and relationships. With this Leo Black Moon, we are not just breaking up old patterns as we strive to find the shape of a new creation. We must actively set our heart and will upon the creative process. Leo relates to the urges of the heart, and people talk about the willingness to “change in a heartbeat” to something they would prefer. Leo entering the New Moon Thursday holds great potential for relationship improvements and pleasures, with the Moon conjunct Venus allowing us more love to flow through and in both directions. Venus Square Uranus can bring a need for freedom and excitement in your love life. This is more likely if you have been feeling smothered, confined or bored. A healthy relationship will face no major drama, especially with an open-minded partner. Another thing in the way can be excessive pride, underpinned by fear or shame, both of which can keep doorways sealed. But Venus holds the key to unlocking even the darkest of doors, if we are willing to respond to a fiery spark of attraction. If we feel drawn enough to something or someone, we can extend ourselves outward and make a move forward. For some, this will involve a new romantic connection with someone that may be weird or eccentric which could be quite exciting yet not necessarily long lasting. The effects of the July 31 black moon into new moon lasts four weeks up to the August 30 new moon. The best time for making a fresh start and for beginning new projects is during the first two weeks of this new moon cycle.

Lions Gate

The Lionsgate Portal opens from July 26th to August 12th, sending beams of high vibrational energy to planet Earth, however the energies are at their peak on August 8th. In numerology, the 8th day of the 8th month is a highly spiritual and charged time. The number 8 represents infinity, the infinite soul that we are and the infinite journey that we take. It represents the “forever conscious” part of our soul; the soul that has lived and will continue to live long after and long before this incarnation.

While our Sun is responsible for beaming down life for our physical bodies, especially when it’s in its ruling sign of Leo, Sirius is responsible for beaming down life for our spiritual bodies. This is why the opening of the Lionsgate Portal can bring awakenings and lift our consciousness to new heights.

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Crystal's intuitive guidance for Lion's Gate:

The Lions Gate Portal energy activates the third eye for many people. This activation must clear out anything in your consciousness or energy that blocks you from your true, inner vision. Subconscious blocks or fears may play out because of this. If you are not in alignment then this period can cause some chaos in your life. Things may be set into motion to bring great changes that you need for your spiritual growth. Don't be alarmed if from now to mid August is not all rainbows as many will claim, because it will lead to your rainbow if you allow it.

When you couple the affects of the Lions Gate Portal with the New Moon entering Leo you can expect a wide range of emotions at this time. Anxiety can be heightened. You may feel your, or see behavior changes. Make sure to stay centered in your heart, and remain grounded.

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