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This time will stir up energies from your past and unconscious attitudes which may cause you to behave compulsively and inappropriately. You may fight about things just for the sake of fighting or for reasons you don’t understand. You need to be aware of your actions and emotions otherwise people may not want to deal with you. It is good to keep a low profile during this time and avoid any intense confrontation within the home or work but anything that does happen will give you an insight into your own unconscious habits and behavior patterns.

You may find it necessary to put your desires for fun and pleasure aside to take care of more essential needs. If you are having relationship issues it is an important time to get these out in the open and discussed. Obligations and duties need to be clearly defined and understood. This is a time to get practical and not escape into fantasy.

Your personal relationship may be a little stormy right now and the differences between yours and your partners upbringing could cause you many problems. You won’t feel very compromising and this could make reconciliation more difficult. Try to work by yourself instead in a group as it will make you irritated to work with others now. Avoid repressing any anger or conflict but try to work on ways how to discuss sensitive issues without going overboard. Repressing these emotions will only backlash later with worse consequences. It you can handle your aggressive energy, it is a great time to get work done, just be aware that accidents are more likely to happen so avoid dangerous activities.

You need to proceed with some caution now as you will have a great amount of enthusiasm and energy but are liable to make some bad decisions as you are too quick to act. Make sure to stand back and plan your actions. Avoid being too impulsive or you may get burned. Taking risks at this time could lead to some accidents so avoid overly dangerous activities or trying too hard and over stretching your limitations. Your ego energies are running high and this time could test your own ego flaws and where you lack foresight and consideration for others. If you are finding this time troubling, then it is good to look at how badly are your actions affecting others.

It is a very hectic time right now and you need to have sustained will power to get what you need done. You may work hard and achieve a lot, but your motivations are entirely personal so you may not be considerate of others. Be careful not to alienate or discriminate against others. You may be acting very egotistically now, and this could offend other people, you are also more sensitive to being offended yourself. You have a lot of energy for mental effort but may get easily discouraged if things do not go your way. It’s best to put as much effort in as possible and try not to get too irritated or frustrated just keep going. Avoid picking fights with people or reacting to others if they are trying to provoke you, they are just trying to throw you off your high horse. If you are accident prone be careful of traveling, handling machinery or any activity involving your hands or feet.

If you have the discipline you can accomplish a lot during this time!!

Report by Crystal Realm via AstroMatrix.

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