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9 Ways to Build Your Intuition For Free

It is very important to be in tune with your own intuition, especially if you are an empath, with all the external energies going on at this time. The collective consciousness of our planet is in a state of fear. People are panicked. Many are very angry and are projecting their own inner issues onto the outside, such as the riots. Opinions are all over social media: “do it this way, no do it that way”. If you are not dialed in to your own internal guidance you can become lost in the sea of emotional energies. Here are some tips for strengthening your connection to your own guidance, your intuition.

1. Meditation- this is the number 1 way to tap into yourself. You need a way to quiet your cognitive mind and turn off the chatter so that you can feel and hear your truth from your soul, not your mind or ego.

2. Dreams- start paying attention to what your dreams are showing you. It may not make sense at first to keep a journal or some way to document your dreams when you first wake up. You will see the patterns or what your subconscious is highlighting for you.

3. Oracle/Tarot Cards- pull cards when you have that nagging thought or feeling for clarity. This will help build a connection with how your subconscious mind works as well.

4. Create- work with your creativity. When you are being creative you enter the “flow” state, and your cognitive mind is quiet. During this flow state is when your inner self can be heard easily.

5. Body Senses- be aware of your body. Do you get cold chills or tingles when you hear or read certain things? Do you get hot flashes? Your physical senses are a confirmation for what your soul wants you to know.

6. Test Yourself- if you keep getting a nudge or thought from yourself but you just are not sure- test it if you can. For instance, when I first began seeing the Spirit of Herman I felt “crazy”. I started asking him to do specific things, say certain things, to my friends who I knew were in tune with Spirits. I would not tell them I was doing this. Sure enough, they would bring up what he said. This is how I knew that was I was seeing, and hearing was real.

7. Nature- Nature helps us so much, especially empaths. Nature is a great place to get away from the daily noise and social media, and just be. Breathe, and ground with Gaia. This recharges your energy and clears your mind.

8. Past Recall- Learn from your own mistakes. Think of times when you had that gut feeling and you ignored it. How did it turn out? Were you right all along? Remember this feeling.

9. Observe- Have you noticed your friends or coworkers that do not speak up a lot. They are more reserved, but they notice EVERYTHING. This helps you to be aware of energies around you, and the intentions of other people. Observe when people say things, they don’t mean it. Observe the peoples that make promises they never keep. This helps you to trust those gut feelings you have when you first meet someone. And always look people in the eyes. Eyes are the window to the soul. Trust what you feel when you look into someone’s eyes.

It all boils down to FEELING over Thinking. Your mind will lead you astray at times. Have you ever noticed you can argue yourself? You have an initial reaction to a situation, then you come up with reasons why you are wrong. You will question yourself. However, that very first initial FEELING is always right. Trust how you feel. Pay attention to how you feel. You react to energy, and energy never lies. People lie, energy does not.

About Crystal:

Crystal is High Priestess and Creator of Coven 88. She is a Quantum Healing Specialist, Certified Reiki Master, Shamanic Witch, and Ordained Minister. If you would like to work with Crystal click the image below!

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